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341/1: Might as well

Repeal rule 308.

By Alexander, Proposed: 2003-10-07 05:10, Last Modified: 2003-10-19 10:10 (1 week, 5 days later)

357/1: Evasive action ('Acts of God')

[ The rule implementing Acts of God is a dangerous and unstable device, likely to destroy the game as soon as somebody gets 10 proposals accepted. In the hope that proposal 332 is accepted, I declare it to be Silly and Annoying and encourage everyone to agree with me on this. Rule 322(Acts of God) will allow two players to completely control the game, effectively ending it the instant one of them has 10 accepted proposals. Therefore, since Rule 332 may not be accepted: ]

Repeal Rule 322. If Rule 322 is repealed, repeal this rule.

By ccooke, Proposed: 2003-10-13 10:10, Last Modified: 2003-10-26 10:10 (1 week, 5 days later)

382/3: Fresh blood

If player joins the game at a time other than the game's beginning, he or she shall be given the following Things when his or her application is finalized:

One item of chocolate. One playing piece of the colour of their choosing (note rule 358 when choosing a colour) [If a points system were ever developed, then this rule could be modified here to provide some initial points.]

All players are advised to offer whatever assistance they can to new players.

By Alexander, Proposed: 2003-10-22 12:10, Last Modified: 2003-11-04 04:11 (1 week, 6 days later)

395/1: Action on Pieces

That the following action be taken: All players who have not chosen a colour for their playing piece as required by rule 358 be chosen one by the player Aquarion. For all purposes, it shall be considered that they chose the colour themselves.

This is an action, not a rule: if approved, it shall be marked done, and no rule shall be created from it.

By Alexander, Proposed: 2003-11-06 09:11, Last Modified: 2003-11-17 09:11 (1 week, 3 days later)

401/1: Action

That every list member get's a mail from the list, so that they can see if the list still works.

By Thomas, Proposed: 2003-11-22 07:11, Last Modified: 2003-12-14 12:12 (3 weeks later)

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