Yacko's history...

303JmacBriberyNAYVote ye not now for this for it be too early in thy game for such a confsuing issue. MAybe in 5 or 6 turns it shall be better proposed again.
306DonovanWebmaster SalaryNAY
307JasonAnts prefer peanut butter over onionsNAY
310DonovanChicken SandwichesNAYI shall slack no longer (at least on this one)
311Jasonheathly ruleNAY
301DonovanMajority RulesAYE
304Andynext unless defined($proposal);AYESlacker
305YackoMutables IllimitableAYE
308JmacThe MarketAYE
309AndyMore MerchandiseAYE
313YackoMinions AYE
314DonovanScrubs Don't Get No LoveAYEThis is not my beautiful house.
312JmacThe Millstone of TimeNAY
315JmacThe Voting Demon and FairyAYER, a pirates favorite word

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