Rule 303 was proposed on 00000000000000 by Jmac.

Players may bribe other players during their turn, transferring 10 points from their score (assuming they have that many) to that of any single opponent's, receiving in exchange assurance that the bribed opponent will vote in favor of the proposal, whether they wish to or not. Nobody can turn down a bribe, and all bribes must be announced to all players when they occur. However, once a bribe has occurred, any _other_ opponent may bribe the same person again, restoring his or her free will, by a 5-point transfer, or pay the person 10 points to vote opposite of however s/he was aligned through previous bribery (again, assuming the new briber has enough positive points to make the payment). Bribery can happen as often as players wish during a single turn, but cannot initiate through anyone except the current proponent, and must always remain visible to all players.


YackoNAYVote ye not now for this for it be too early in thy game for such a confsuing issue. MAybe in 5 or 6 turns it shall be better proposed again.