Jason's history...

304Andynext unless defined($proposal);NAY
305YackoMutables IllimitableNAY
306DonovanWebmaster SalaryNAY
307JasonAnts prefer peanut butter over onionsNAYHmm.. what for?
308JmacThe MarketNAY
309AndyMore MerchandiseNAY
310DonovanChicken SandwichesNAY
313YackoMinions NAYargh... too many issues to have time to debate. Try a shorter proposal next time?
314DonovanScrubs Don't Get No LoveNAYWhy buck the trend?
301DonovanMajority RulesAYE
311Jasonheathly ruleAYE
312JmacThe Millstone of TimeNAY
315JmacThe Voting Demon and FairyNAYStill have some issues with it... but I want to avoid RSBdom

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