Rule 313 was proposed on 00000000000000 by Yacko.

Title: Minions Minions are assistants to players. Further definitions of what minions may do for players should be made. The following are aspects of minions that are relevant to their purchase, ownership and death. Minions have three states: Dry, Alive and Dead. Dry Minions can be purchased in packages of ten. All stores that sell any product or device or anything offered in exchange for points will sell minions. Each package of ten is a sealed foil like package which includes the dehydrated bits of ten minions. All minions in a package have an unlimited shelf life. Once the package is opened, all the minions must be rejuvenated at the same time and within one turn of opening the package. To rejuvenate minions, players will combine the contents of the package (dry minions) with water. This can be done within the package, so no bucket or container is needed. Water is assumed to be freely available unless a drought is specified. The quality of the water will define the relative surliness of the minions. Ugly water, surly minions. Clean water, polite minions. All minions start their life with F points of health. Minions may never have more than one digits worth of health (at this time - F). Minions lose health at a rate of 2 per turn. Minions cannot regain health, except by magic or supernatural means. Minions lose 4 points of health per turn during a drought, unless their player has water in their inventory. Minions may be consumed by a player and the player will receive the remaining health of the minion minus 1, for their own health. A player may consume as many minions as they like. All the remaining minions are too dumb to run away or abandon the player. Minions when served on top of a green bean salad are worth twice their health points (minus 1) to the player that eats them. Dry minions have the value of only one health point per package. the player eating a package of dry minions will have minion breath for 5 turns following the eating of Dry Minions. Alive Minions do not give Minion breath. Minions have no loyalty and can be traded to other players at will, for whatever deal the players work out amongst themselves. All minion deals are done in the dark. Thus, only players with flashlights can see minion deals, or assume that the minions they are purchasing or selling are what they are claimed to be. (i.e. you can sell empty bags to players without flashlights and they won't know it) When minions die prematurely, they explode with a loud pop. Exploded remains of minions may be eaten by players. Players will receive health in half the amount of points that the minion had, all fractions rounded down.


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