Rule 315 was proposed on 19991130102124 by Jmac.

After a new proposal becomes active and open to votes, the pitiless Voting Demon begins keeping track of the time at 00:00:00 EST if the voting phase has not been closed by then. The timer stops as soon as voting closes, or 48 hours elapse, whichever comes first. The Demon does not care about the affairs of the players, and will not stop its timer for any other reason. All players who have not voted when the Demon's timer runs out will have a vote cast for them by the kindly Voting Fairy, who will also write a comment on their behalf. The Voting Fairy is a vastly intelligent being whose methods are completely obscure to mortals, so the way it votes for a particular player may or may not reflect their actual thoughts -- or what they perceived as their actual thoughts -- regarding a particular proposal. (For the purposes of this game, it may be safely said that its vote and comment will be utterly random each time.) The Fairy will charge 3 points for its services from each player it helps. Out of pity, it will take 1 or 2 points from a player with only that many (respectively), and work for free if the player has 0 or fewer points.


JasonNAYStill have some issues with it... but I want to avoid RSBdom
JmacAYEAndy doesn't think I voted for this yet.
DonovanAYEIomega Corporation 1821 West Iomega Way Roy, Utah 84067
YackoAYER, a pirates favorite word
NoahAYEI'd be screwed if this rule was already in effect...
AndyAYEI can't believe it was me.