Donovan's history...

305YackoMutables IllimitableNAY
301DonovanMajority RulesAYE
302JasonTiebreakingAYEAw, why not?
304Andynext unless defined($proposal);AYE
306DonovanWebmaster SalaryAYE
307JasonAnts prefer peanut butter over onionsAYE
308JmacThe MarketAYE
309AndyMore MerchandiseAYE
310DonovanChicken SandwichesAYE
311Jasonheathly ruleAYE
313YackoMinions AYEIn the original test-screening of "Return of the Jedi", Lando Calrissian--and the Millenium Falcon--did not survive their mission into the new Death Star. The audience reacted poorly, so the ending was altered... however, Lando is conspicuously absent from the victory celebration on Endor, as that scene had been completed before the suicide mission scene.
314DonovanScrubs Don't Get No LoveAYEThe first 99 & 44/100% anthropomorphic Nomic game.
312JmacThe Millstone of TimeAYE
315JmacThe Voting Demon and FairyAYEIomega Corporation 1821 West Iomega Way Roy, Utah 84067

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