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Re: The next Nomopoly (or Nomic something)...

by Le Roc at 10/10/05 8:09 AM

If you wanted to do D&D I'd tend to suggest checking out the rules for D&D minis. Wizards already took it upon themselves to attempt to simplify D&D way down. Knowing Wizards the handbook/model stats are available online so they can be easily examined by Jeff or anyone else attempting to create a set of base rules. The game would still need to be modified a fair bit. Lots more of the rules coming out and rules for handling adding additional units to the game would need to be added. But this is also a possibility.
Either that or pull the band concept and give us each just 1 hero to play with and a dungeon to explore. I'm thinking some kind of concept with doors and rooms, no actual map of squares. Each player being able to open a door once per week. Each room having randomly generated treasure, monsters, traps?, puzzles? and more doors. Each person can move through an open door once per day or maybe less frequently. Though exactly how combat then works is a little beyond me. Obviously it would bear similarity to the D20 combat system but what would be interesting is if there was some way for multiple people to be involved in combat without violating the only 2 logins per week OK rule and while keeping it fair.
The whole goal of any such game might be to slay some big evil thing (the Balrog for example, ala Moria and if anyone else knows that game hats off to you) or to find some lost relic (aka holy grail or something like that). Probably the item should be placed down a few levels to ensure that it will take a little while for people to be able to get to it. We wouldn't want a randomly generated dungeon to place the grail in the first room with no protection whatsoever. Anyways thats my thoughts on a D&D based Nomopoly. Could definitely be fun. So many good ideas so little time...