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Re: The next Nomopoly (or Nomic something)...

by The Founder at 09/10/05 7:08 AM

Funny you should mention N:tG, since I'd already tossed the idea to Jeff while he was deciding what to run this time (before settling on Nomopoly 3).

As for the games I think would be most potential to be fun/interesting are Nomopoly 4, Nomic Snakes and Ladders Nomic Risk 2, Civ Nomic, and Nomic: the Gathering. The others (that I know what games they're based on) are either too likely to be un-fun, or far too difficult to work smoothly and still be interesting enough (although a Nomic RPG would be great, but I think it would just get too complicated, or too many things would remain unused).

The hardest one out of the ones that I like there would probably be Civ Nomic, both in setting up the initial rules and changing them later. So if I had to choose a new Nomic to play from the ones that have been proposed, I'd have to go with Nomic: the Gathering (although I'd still choose it if Civ Nomic didn't seem so hard to get rolling). Other than N:tG, I'd probably like Nomic Risk 2 best for the next game (It's nice to change it up a bit).