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Re: The next Nomopoly (or Nomic something)...

by The Founder at 10/10/05 6:08 AM

I've been putting some more thought into the topic of the next Nomic-style game to run, and how it could be done.

I've come to the point where I'd really like to see something in the vein of Risk/RPG/Magic/Civ, where there's some sort of base system, not advanced at all, and we build from there.

The initial rules for Risk/Civ are essentially already in place from Nomic Risk (though Civ would take some modifications). Timing issues might need a bit of working out, such as simultaneous queuing of actions during phases, then having all actions sequentially ordered in some fashion, with impossible actions removed as encountered, or alternatively having a 2 day time limit on turns. Other than that, assuming Jeff is willing to do the programming (or run by e-mail), I think it could work.

RPG is also basically in place, to an extent, with the rule set that we ended with. We could also adapt the D&D core rules by removing huge swathes of information (such as skills, feats, etc.) Since I'm currently in a D&D group, and I've got the 3 core rule books, I'd gladly help formulate the initial rule set one day with Jeff (I don't think it's something that could be done online).

As for Magic, I'd love to see it work, but as Le Roc mentioned, interactivity would need to be severely limited to prevent the game from bogging down if it were done online. I think there's a few options that could be tried:

- Eliminate instants, and instant-speed effects (I think this has to be done, regardless of other choices, but it doesn't change Magic too badly, since the starter form of Magic already does this).
- Simultaneous turns (this has been worked out already to an extent in the Two-Headed Giant rules put out recently by WotC, but phases become an issue here, namely are they all simultaneous as well or do they shift on a by-player basis).
- Time-limited turns (the other option to keep things moving, I think simultaneous turns would still probably require this to be implemented somehow, like the timer starts after the first player finishes a phase).

Again, I think N:tG is another game that would take a good day or so of sitting down and setting up the initial rules. Again, I've been playing for years, so I'd be willing to help set this one up as well. I remember from talking to Jeff about this one before that we had even mentioned the idea of me running it and Jeff just supplying me with a simple code interface to run it from. But with the online setting, that might be a bit too difficult (unless remote access to your server is a whole bunch easier to configure in this situation then I thought).

I keep thinking about RPG though, and ironing out a basic combat/spell system. I'm really keen on doing that, maybe even having the admin function as a DM of sorts ala D&D, throwing random player-created monsters and maps at the players, and the last person left alive wins...