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Re: The next Nomopoly (or Nomic something)...

by Dyslexic Q-Thief at 09/10/05 7:21 PM

Nomic Snakes & Ladders: This may suffer from the fact that players who join later will be farther from the finish than anyone else, unless they move to negitive Squares.

Civnomic: This may or may not be playable depending on how much Jeff values his sanity. Although if all players could view the programming for the website then those who knew programming could post the code for their proposal. Perlnomic runs in a simular fasion to this.

Grid Nomic: My orignal idea for this was a subgame in B nomic. The subgame started with just a 20x20 grid which players could move around in, and randomly placed Bonus Boxes that either gave or toke 20 points. At it's very end, one of the grid rules alone toke up 10 pages.

Nogi: My idea for this was that everyone would start with a King on a suffiently large board and a normal Shogi side in hand. If we ever needed to think up more pieces, we could just use pieces from Taikyoku Shogi, which has over 100 types of pieces. And a common type of piece in Shogi variants is the Crown Prince/Drunken Eliphant, which promotes to a King. Putting this in would allow eliminated players to return.