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Re: The next Nomopoly (or Nomic something)...

by Le Roc at 10/10/05 12:52 AM

Nomic Snakes and Ladders: I think this one tends to fail the players joining late. Considering the race nature of the game. Though with nomopoly you never know being way at the beginning could be an advantage. Either that or maybe if you are a long way off from the lead player you get additional advantage on your rolls so you can catch up?

Grid Nomic: Jeff while I think your idea about the rules and paradoxes is interesting, really interesting really. I'd tend to agree that it becomes very difficult/impossible to program. When I heard of Grid Nomic this is what I pictured: Nomopoly but on a grid board of say 5 by 5 squares or something with the bottom left corner being the origin (0,0). Each day a person is given a move. If they do not use their move that day then the move is stored and may be used on a later day. Up to 5 such moves may be stored.
A move is a change in location from one square to another adjacent square. Two squares (ax, ay) and (bx, by) are adjacent if |ax-bx|+|ay-by| = 1 (|| is the absolute value function |-1| = 1, |1| = 1). This then allows for horizontal and vertical movement only within the game. Diagonal movement could be added later but isn't strictly necessary for the game so I figure you don't need it in the base rules. To take a move the easiest method would be to be able to click on links in the board page and have a little blurb saying how many stored moves you have. Also in this case wrapping of the board is not necessary though it could be added in a packman like fashion but it would greatly complicate the movement rules. This system eliminates the randomness in taking a turn. This effectively also removes the concept of a turn and replaces it with a move though the two are not quite the same since a person may take a number of moves in a single day. I think this would be easy enough to program and have a slightly different flavor then regular Nomopoly.

Nech Lieutenant: the other idea would be to base a Nomopoly game off of the Mech Commander/Battle-tech universe. To start each person is given a base. The game would contain rules for designing/creating Nechs and then having them go out into the field and try to blow each other and the bases up. If a player has his or her base destroyed then they are eliminated from the game. Might include rules about rejoining the game but there would have to be a time lag until they can do so. The winner is either last man standing or maybe first person to destroy x bases? Anyways I thought this might be fun. Work wise I think it would fall somewhere between grid nomopoly as I defined it above and Civopoly. I think this could pass all of Jeff's requirements as laid out a little while back. The only one that is a bit of a concern is the not investing too much time to play, but if there are long delays between taking actions (like a 5 day recharge on your guns) then I don't think this will be a problem either. I was trying to write down the initial rules to this game they are a lot longer then in Nomopoly but that will always be the case.

PS: ok, after trying all the numbers up to 10 000 I've concluded the use lightning bolt button doesn't do anything... lol, jk.