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Re: Proposal #28 wackiness

by Dyslexic Q-Thief at 29/09/05 12:21 AM

Evidence? What evidence? You can't actually prove much, as the only thing you can prove is that I at one point argued with you.

As for the loopholes: The first is relitive. Some may see buying owned squares as a good thing, and therefore not a loophole. I even played in a Nomopoly like game once where player could buy other players squares. So it's only a loophole if you think it is.

The second one: It's not as bad as you say it is. You can only throw one thing a day. So insta-kills are impossible unless the target would normally get killed by a Dark Cookie.

The third one: I realised that it is impossible for anyone to get hurt by DCMs unless they don't check the website dailiy. It takes 3 days to cast, and it's targeted at a Square. If you start casting it before they move, then they just move out of the way. If you cast it after they move, then they get another turn to run away. Thus, one could say that it's a feature, because anyone stupid enough to get near a DCM deserves eir fate. Also, I had written it with the assumetion that it took a turn to use the Inferno Breath, so the "Loophole", if it was indeed a loophole, was caused by Jeff's decition.