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Re: Proposal #28 wackiness

by The Founder at 28/09/05 9:34 PM

After reading Jeff's recent ruling on the DCM, I've made an interesting observation. You, who complains so much about my proposal in an effort to keep the loophole around, have in fact had three of your five loopholes contain issues. First was the original purchasing of squares, which allowed owned squares to be purchased (not just unowned ones), then there was the item proposal which allows any person to throw an item an infinite amount of times (therefore rendering a Dark Cookie into an instant kill weapon), and finally most recently the DCM spell, which allows the caster to kill their selected target (and a few others in a lucky case).

A 60% rate of loophole inclusion in your proposals, as well as your attempt to have my proposal rejected (which is intended to fix a loophole and some rules oddities), makes me extremely wary of anything you'd propose in the future.