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Re: Proposal #28 wackiness

by Dyslexic Q-Thief at 28/09/05 11:39 PM

I never said that the loophole should never be closed. I mearly said that it should be proposed normally and that you keep other changes out of it.

Also, you should know that it would be next to impossible to exploit it if you proposed it normally. By the time a propsal passes that allow someone to exploit this loophole, the proposal would have have passed, unless the exploiting proposal was a Spell proposal. In that case, any spell proposal that abused the loophole would pass only after the fix proposal did.

The only reason I can see that you made it as a spell proposal is that you wanted to conveigh a sense of urgency such that you could sneak in extra rules chages. You may find this a ridiculus acusation, but I find your acusations that really wanted to abuse this and I'm deliberately putting loopholes in proposals absurd as well.