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Re: Proposal #28 wackiness

by The Founder at 28/09/05 2:06 PM

The way I see it working (and the admin agreed with me on this, but maybe he should state the official ruling here too), is the following:

1. Proposal #28 passes, and "Fix me NOW" is added to the game as a new spell.

2. Some player adds Fix me NOW to their spell book.

3. Said player casts Fix me NOW.

4. When the admin implements the resultant rules change, the clause concerning the existance of spells meant to modify the rules kicks in, and removes Fix me NOW from the game.

So there is no retroactive effect (since the rules change doesn't occur until after the spell is cast), but all rules-changing spells are removed.

You hit the nail on the head with recasting these types of proposals though. If such a spell were allowed to continue existing after being cast, the pertinent rules could be repeatedly reset, rendering them effectively immutable until the offending spell were dealt with.

As for why I proposed it this way, as I said, I wanted to fix the issues ASAP. Since spell proposals resolve quicker, I chose to take that path. It involved a bit more work, but I figured it was worth getting the change in quicker.