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Re: Proposal #28 wackiness

by The Founder at 28/09/05 9:10 PM

See also my response to your post in the other relevant thread.

I'm getting the feeling that you actually WANT this loophole to continue to exist. The only reason I can see for you to feel that way is so that you can abuse it yourself. Maybe rather than complaining about the form in which I chose to propose the change, you should just vote yes on it and help fix the loophole, unless you actually want to be able to abuse it yourself.

You'd be surprised how "little a chance" some proposals that lead to the end of the game, or exploit/create loopholes have of passing. Like I've said before, loopholes that exist have a curious way of being exploited in order to end the game. I'm just trying to fix some problems I didn't catch the first time. I could have easily left all the problems intact, but I don't think that spells would work as well if I did.