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Proposal #28 wackiness

by rob at 28/09/05 1:02 AM

I'm going to try and make a point, though I'm not sure if I'll make sense - #28 is a strange and interesting beast.

One of the spell's effects is to change the rules:
"Any spell which has an effect that would change the rules is removed."

I assume that one of the results of this rule change is that any/all instances of the "Fix me NOW!" spell will be removed as soon as the spell is fired, and it will never be seen again.

However, VII.4:
"No proposal may have retroactive application or take effect earlier than the moment it is implemented."

Of course its not the spell proposal here that would have retroactive application, but instead its an instance of a spell defined in a proposal. I think.

If, of course, the spell is not removed when cast, then does anything stop the spell from being cast again to reset section VII each time? Of course, the above rule change would be in effect at that point, so perhaps that makes it impossible to cast the spell. Or, perhaps I.2/I.3 would apply here, making it so the spell explicitly overrides the rules, and thus can succeed.

I agree with #28 in principle. The loophole (actually more a gaping yaw) does need to be plugged. Perhaps a normal rule proposal would be a better way to accomplish it?