The Rules of Ackanomic: Miscellaneous

Rule 1390/1
Miscellaneous Rule Suite
breadbox (Brian Raiter)

All rules in the Miscellaneous Rule Suite defer precedence to rules outside of this Rule Suite.

[Miscellanous rules.]

Rule 1390.1/1
The Gingham Wearer (Tom Walmsley)


Rule 1390.2/2
Royal Frinks
JT (JT Traub)

Any player who successfully frinks 5 different Frinks which are defined as Royal shall be awarded a random Boon of the Ancients.

Right Handed Grapefruit juice is a Royal Frink.

Any frink not otherwise defined as Royal shall become Knurd if frunk from a hydria. Knurd is a Royal Frink.

Hydriae are tradeable entities, which may only be created as described in the Rules.

Rule 1390.3/0
/dev/joe (Joseph DeVincentis)

Lager, sir, is regal.

Rule 1390.5/1
Grease is the Word
Brie Clump (Tom Walmsley)

The official word of Ackanomic is hydriae.

Rule 1390.7/0
I Am Not the Only Dust My Mother Raised!
breadbox (Brian Raiter)

It is a crime to talk in a publicly knowable proposal about dorums.

Rule 1390.8/0
Silly Little Holiday
Weishaupt (Gabriel Drummond-Cole)

From day to day we contemplate the rules
Amend, Revise, Repeal, without delay
But who's to say that we are not just fools?
To strive for all such things... And so I say,

Let one day be removed from all such thought
One day be set aside, a day of rest
October second all of us shall not
Submit proposals, duel, or start a quest.

Upon this day, the players just debate
Each year this custom is, and so remains
Proposals, duels, and questing have to wait
October Second, "Day to Rest our Brains"

[You think my sonnet cheesy? Wait a while;
I've reason for this fourteen-verse-long style.]

Rule 1390.9/0
Ready, Aim...
Weishaupt (Gabriel Drummond-Cole)

On Fire is a state that certain entities can be defined as being in. Only those entities which are specifically allowed to be on fire by the rules can be on fire

Players can be on fire

An Active, nonvacationing player who is on fire must post a public message within a week after the fire is lit with the text "I'm on fire" in it, or he is determined to have jumped into the frozen pond and is placed On Ice. In this case, the fire is extinguished

A player who is on fire may pay the standard harfer fee to extinguish the fire.

Fire may be put out as defined elsewhere in the rules

[Fire connotes no negative effects other than having to jump into the frozen pond if "I'm on fire" is not said.

{{Weishaupt catches fire}}

"And if anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire" [Revelation 20:15]

Rule 1390.10/0
The Haiku Limit
Robert Sevin (Mitchell Harding)

It is illegal
To have a score exceeding
Seven hundred points

Rule 1390.11/0
/dev/joe (Joseph DeVincentis)

Master Holotapes and Holotape Copies are named, tradeable entities. Each records the text of a public message from Acka's past so a player can display this message in his home or any other place. Master Holotapes differ from Holotape Copies because with an appropriate device, Master Holotapes can be copied into Holotape Copies. When a Holotape Copy is made, it receives the name of the Master Holotape it was made from, with 'Copy #N' appended, where N is the smallest positive integer necessary to make the name be unique.

Rule 1390.12/0
Ackanomic Unity
Wild Card (Jonathan David Amery)

Should it ever occur that every player eligable to do so should vote YES on the same proposal then the following shall happen:

1) The day of Ackanomic Unity shall be declared to be that day upon which the result in which this event occurs. Should the day of Ackanomic Unity already have a date then it is moved to this day.

2) All players participating in the vote gain one randomly determined Boon of the Ancients and each Unity Vote cast causes the party casting it to gain one randomly determined gadget, which it may dispose of as it=91s members will. All Bonus Votes are returned to the player(s) casting them.

3) The player who proposed the proposal shall gain a Blue Cross Bonus if they do not already have one.

The day of Ackanomic Unity is an Ackanomic Holiday.

Timestamp: Fri 02 Oct 1998 08:14 EDT

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