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Welcome to the first incarnation of the official Ackanomic History page. This page will never be finished. I need your help, because if I don't know about something, I can't put it up here. So please email me with any corrections or suggestions.

I am indebted to Malenkai for collecting much of this information and giving his permission for me to use it here. Many thanks to all the others who have contributed to this history, particularly Bascule, who's written (and, I hope, will continute to write) excellent commentaries on Ackanomic current events.

If anyone has election results, please send them my way. I'd like to add them somewhere.


Commentaries of Bascule
Political Party History


22 Jan 96: Founding of Ackanomic.
The initial rule set.

I was the original player. I started this whole mess. I had no idea it would grow to be this huge. Actually I am quite pleased. Acka simply comes from my name, Ackers. I started the game, so I named it after me. :) Originally there was myself, Robert Sevin, Wayne, Paul Swan, and maybe a couple others. I can't think of any others that are still here. Mitch (Robert Sevin) apparently has an archive of every message every sent, so particulars can be gotten from him once he's off vacation. -- The Great Old One (formerly Bobalugah Rajiboo), 31 May 1996

I can say something about the early days. I would call the first couple of weeks, the Harfy Era. Our beloved speaker, Robert Sevin, proposed about 40-50 proposals in the first couple of weeks. One of the rules that did make it thru is the Voting Gnome. Robert's proposals caused our first speaker much grief. Eventually he had to resign as speaker, and that's when Robert took over.

Robert tried to introduce a new set of Rules. In addition to mutable and immutable rules, there was to be Harfy Rules [which could only be replaced by something sillier. See P330. -Ed.]. Many proposals had some reference to the Harfy Rules. Check out the web page for some of the early proposals. -- Wayne, 19 May 1996
Approx. 1 Feb 96: Wayne's Claim of Winning.
Wayne claimed 85 points and said that he was the winner, because of R115, Permissibility of the Unprohibited. CFJ 113 (which remains vital to this day) ruled that because one means of acquiring points was regulated, thus every means was regulated, and Wayne's claim was invalid. See also P406 for a creative way to win.
24 Feb 96 to 25 Mar 96: R416 Wars.
A time when legislative gridlock could be applied to any pending proposal simply for depending on or referring to another (even implicitly, as in P474). The proposals didn't even need to be rules to impact the game. A different verdict or reversal of CFJ 127 could have broken the game. (See P416, P474, P475, CFJ 126, CFJ 127, CFJ 130, CFJ 134.)
1 Apr 96: First Government of Ackanomia Formed.
First President elected:
Robert Sevin defeats Mohammed 9 votes to 3.
First Senate elected:
fon defeats ??? ??? votes to ????.
Mohammed defeats ??? ??? votes to ????.
chess piece face is elected unopposed.
Simon Marty Harriman is elected unopposed.
1 Apr 96: First Currency (the AckaDollar) and Free Market created.
Calvin N Hobbes was the first Financier of the Free Market.
Apr 96: First Great E-mail Blizzard.
Owing to immigration and other factors, a great blizzard of e-mail enveloped the land, measuring some 120 messages a day in some mailboxes. The blizzard abated into a drought when President Sevin stepped in to discourage all non-essential communication.
?? Apr 96: Quorum Crisis.
A time when mass immigration to Ackanomia overwhelmed the existing population, and halted the legislative process by not voting and thus causing all proposals to fail because of quorum. The quorum rules couldn't be changed because quorum couldn't be reached to change them. Death, emigration, creative CFJs and the formation of the Quorum Party all helped to solve the crisis.
?? Apr 96: Supreme Court Justices Appointed.
Malenkai was appointed to be the first Justice of the Supreme Court. Later, President Robert Sevin appointed Bascule, but it is still not clear whether he is a Justice, because three Senators are on vacation and the fourth seat is vacant (as of 31 May).
????: The End-of-Game Crisis.
I need info and perspectives on this.
Bascule's commentaries: The Crisis and President Sevin's Actions.
See CFJ 153, CFJ 157, and CFJ 158.
30 Apr 96: Forced Vacationing.
this is not a name attempted to exploit a loophole in the vacationing rule (which stated that a player may put himself on vacation, but did not expressly prohibit players' putting others on vacation) by placing all players but himself on vacation. After much discussion, he revealed that he did not mean it seriously but rather meant it to point out that all the quibbling over the end of the game was rather trivial. In any case, CFJ 165 (which, ironically, was given to this is not a name to judge) decided that vacationing was covered by CFJ 113, and thus this is not a name's actions had no force.
?? May 96: The Witchhunts.
Proposal 729 passed, making the earth flat. Burning was prescribed as the penalty for anyone who suggested the earth was round. Calvin N Hobbes suggested the earth was "not flat," for which he was burned. Many other proposals (including extranomic entities that provided safe haven against fire) were introduced. Bascule's commentary on the Witchhunt is illuminating.
I hope you record this in the history books:
"... I am now a criminal..." : )
"...Calvin died bravely, fighting till his last as a martyr to Science. Long live his name along side the likes of Galileo...Heck. He was Galileo..."
"...Thankfully, dying by combustion here in Acka has no effect on the status of a player. So Calvin's ashes were back to work this morning, same as usual..." -- Calvin N Hobbes, 20 May 1996
mr cwm also claimed that the earth was not flat (perish the thought!):

I did, in my message contending that one did not need to actually say the Earth was round to be subject of a witch-hunt, but only imply the possibility that it might be round, express my belief that the Earth was a disk, and thus both round and flat. It got me burned by a pathetic result of 2 votes to 1, showing CnH and me that no one was really paying us any attention. -- mr cwm, 3 Jun 96
31 May 96: The Ackanomic History Page Emerges.
Finally, a resource for Ackanomic schoolchildren to study when learning the history of their native land. Maintained by this is not a name, Ackanomic's Historian.
1 Jun 96 to present: The Proposal Crisis.
On 1 Jun 96, The Great Old One invoked R663 to turn various pending proposals into resolutions, which, according to the poorly written R663, could be done by any player. He then called for a paradox win based on this gridlock: any proposal to repeal 663 could be turned into a resolution. This has not yet been resolved, although this is not a name's 28 Apr call for a Constitutional Convention, which has not yet been distributed by the Promoter, could solve this crisis.

The excellent commentaries of Bascule

30 April 1996: Chaos Reigns in Land of Rules
2 May 1996: Heroic President Brings Order to Ackanomia
3 May 1996: Tea and Cake with the Voting Gnome
16 May 1996: Spoilsport Calvin Dices with Death

Political Party History

If you know details I've omitted, please email me. Does anyone know why there were two separate FOOZBALL parties?
FOOZBALL: ???? to ????, the predecessor to current FOOZBALL
NOAZBALL: ???? to ????, devoted to opposing the FOOZBALL Party
FOOZBALL: 20 Mar 96 to present, promoting silliness and a creative rule set
Independent: ???? to 26 Mar 96, no agenda other than to get the party unity vote
Popular Stability: 31 Mar 96 to ????, opposing the ruling elite and the status quo
Quorum: 8 Apr 96 to 17 Apr 96, devoted to solving the Quorum Crisis
OoMPAPah: 8 Apr 96 to ????, supporting royalty, peerage, feudalism, chivalry, etc.
(None Yet): 19 Apr 96 to present, supporting self-referential and other wacky proposals
Underworld: 30 May 96 to present, devoted to the accumulation of power in all its forms

The Archive of Official Polls
The Gumball Archive
Phoebe the Steel Flea's Sayings

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