Chaos Reigns in Land of Rules

By Ergates thi ant, Ackanomia correspondent

The crisis in Ackanomia deepened today, when the Proposer, Wayne, admitted to reporters, "I am not sure as to what is happening in the game."

The announcement came as a shock to many observers of the game, who had previously believed that Ackanomia's rigid rule system would carry it through any constitutional difficulty.

Ackanomia has been in turmoil ever since the President, Robert Sevin, declared himself "The Winner" last Monday. The only sitting Justice, Malenkai, immediately issued an Act of Justice to overturn the President's win; however, it was not enough to quell a "mad frenzy" in the Financial Markets, as reported the next day by the Financier, Calvin N Hobbes.

While lawyers argue over the small print of R507 and R508, a growing body of opinion says that the game is over and therefore the rules no longer apply. Judgement 157 may have ended the game. This judgement could yet be overturned by the Supreme Court; however, it is still unclear at this time whether or not the Supreme Court is in session.

The prospect of the game being over has revealed how deeply unprepared Ackanomia was for a state of anarchy, for anarchy it surely is. ThinMan went on the record to say, "whatever we do will be outside of the Rules." mr cwm added, "There are no more rules to be within." Such statements would have been unthinkable just ten days ago.

Possible solutions to the problem include resetting all scores to zero and starting a new game with the current ruleset. However, there appears to be no consensus yet on the issue of PFBonds or Ackadollars. An ordinary resident of Ackanomia, Bascule, commented, "With no rules, how are we to resolve these issues?"

If the crisis is not resolved soon, there may be no Ackanomia left to save. The Proposer himself said tonight, "We need to resolve this soon, or we might start losing players, including myself."