Spoilsport Calvin Dices with Death

By Querl Xoralundra IV, heavy weapons specialist

Ackanomia's Financier, Calvin N Hobbes, was almost reduced to ashes tonight, writes Querl Xoralundra IV.

Addressing the public forum, he astonished onlookers when he declared, "The earth is NOT FLAT." The earth undoubtedly IS flat, as was proved beyond doubt with the adoption of proposal 729 earlier today.

However, Calvin N Hobbes appears likely to escape incineration, as he narrowly avoided claiming that the earth is round. However, this did not prevent the bloodthirsty this is not a name from immediately calling for a witchhunt.

Disappointed Ackanomians were putting away their firebrands and petrol tonight, as the exact wording of proposal 729 was re-examined. Bascule, who discovered the ancient Acka-law and proposed its re-adoption, said, "Perhaps it ought to be amended if sacreligious statements like this one can go unpunished. And now we'll have to wait to find out if Hobbes is made of fire-retardant material or not." Back