The People's Republic of MacroNomic

Micronomic/Micronomic II/PNomic/Macronomic is a game (or three games, depending on how you look at it) of Nomic which has been in semi-continuous existence for almost two years now. This page just serves to collect most of the information the game has generated in the past few months, in its incarnation as the post-revolutionary People's Republic of Macronomic.
Disclaimer: I may post information here for other people's convenience which I am not required to keep track of. Because of this, it might not be entirely accurate. When in doubt, read the rules.
Important files Miscellaneous Things

Old Proposals Old Rules

  • The initial ruleset of both Micronomics
  • The rules which saw the beginning of the revived Macronomic
  • The rules right before prop 49 passed, which changed things around a lot
  • Some rules that got repealed
There is a mailing list for conducting Macronomic-related activity. To subscribe, send 'subscribe mn' in the message body to