Calls for Justice

(Numbers are unofficial)


Caller: Lambda
Date: May 20/26, 1998
Proposal 22 passes. This is because by Rule 0, there are no changes to gamestate that are allowed to happen except in accordance to the rules. There is nowhere in the rules that specify what happens if a player votes LOYAL on a proposal that is not produced by a member of the Revolutionary Party. Therefore, the votes which were LOYAL remain LOYAL and are not changed to AGAINST, meaning that there are two votes which are FOR and one that is AGAINST, meaning that the proposal passes.
Judge: AKA TheWiz
Judgement: TRUE
Game custom might possibly let me handwave it down, but with, IMUHO, drastic damage to the game as a result. If the procedure were case-based, and had a default clause, the situation would depend on the contents of that last clause, but it's not, so it doesn't.