Clues, Riddles, and Guesses for Treasure 178

two-star wrote (September 10, 1997):

Well, I was in a bit of a sour mood when I put out that issue. If anyone else wants to see me propose this, send 3 agenda conditions either to me or to the public forum. The latter would have the advantage of reminding anyone else who wants to get involved. If you have lost the initial RFC, or if you have any questions email me. One clarification I should give is that "this hat" should be an acceptable substitute for "the agenda hat associated with this condition" when and if I submit this. Once there are four participants, I will have you send bids on them according to the procedure in the RFC.I would like this to be at least slightly tested before I propose it. I'm afraid I won't be giving away prizes to anyone who sends conditions after the original deadline. Which reminds me...

I am creating two trinkets, each worth 12 A$, called "HTML Standard Playtest Edition Eggplant and Hat Set 1" and "HTML Standard Playtest Edition Eggplant and Hat Set I" both with the description delimited by PALMARES:

A cardboard box filled with styrobeetle corpses and the following, each in clear plastic wrapping: Three darkly stained teak eggplants with the words "The HTML Standard" enameled in gold. There is a brass plate on each where an agenda condition was to be engraved, but these are all blank. Also, three violet felt fezes with the words "the HTML Standard" embroidered in white in a flowing script with a small tag inside that says "Warning: this is not a real hat. Do not wear or machine wash."

I am giving the HTML Standard Playtest Edition Eggplant and Hat Set I to Vynd, and the HTML Standard Playtest Edition Eggplant and Hat Set 1 to Alfvaen. Sorry I didnt bother to unpack them; there didn't seem to be much point.

It is interesting to note that these trinkets have everything one would need StEo find the curious clock...


...but I have given away enough.

two-star wrote (October 29, 1997):

OK. First of all, the description of the curious clock is important. OK. That's not really first of all. First of all, you do know what you have to do, right? Fill in the ink blots and then reconstruct the tromino go game. Only problem is, it can't be done, none of it, unless you can see the patterns within. Or be willing to go through a little trial and error first. The "patterns within" bit, that's where the description of the curious clock comes in. Twice. You need to use it once to find the question, and once to find the answer. I've given away a good portion of the question a couple times already, (only it isn't really a question; I'm being metaphorical,) so I won't do it again. OK. Do be careful not to throw away the answer when you find the question/not a question. Don't be discouraged, thinking that there is some weird Caesar cipher or something. Every letter is what it is. It's just the order that's kinda tricky. Um. Some of this isn't entirely accurate.

OK. Once you have finished all steps but the last, Remember, the encryption was made by the confused sad VAX. (5, 4)

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