Clues, Riddles, and Guesses for Treasure 133

Ackers wrote (Mar 05, 1997):

Ready for a little bedtime story, kiddies?  Good!  This one's called,
the The Tale of the Big, Bad, Tube Topped Wolf.

Gazing at the moonlit night
Shining down on the forest bright
With not a piglet it his sight
The Wolf licked his lips as he set out to find his meal

Back to his home for just a quick dressing
Leaving without it would be quite distressing
With it he felt he had Zeus' blessing
He donned his cylindrical vestment and left for the field

There he found, to his surprise
Two piglet dwellings with a side of fries
The Wolf raised his head to the skies
And howled a mighty howl for tonight he would feast

Stepping to the first strange home
He discovered it was not alone
But there were actually two in this zone
The Wolf smiled thinking "not 2 but 3 least."

Taking aim at the first of the three
Which had three windows, incidentally
He drew in a breath, mightily
And huffed for all he was worth at the first apartment

Finding a piglet inside the rubble
The Wolf grinned, but began to stumble
As he realized this piglet was in some trouble
For his body was missing pieces, quite an assortment

But his stomache growled, and not to deny
He consumed the piglet nary a batting eye
Then picked his teeth with a french fry
As he eyed the next apartment he wished to explore

Disposing of this dwelling quickly
He snatched the piglet, small and sicky
And noticed he was kind of prickly
He held the missing pieces from the troubled pig before

Another bite of scrumptious ham
Two piggies down, one on the lam
He hurried while the piglet was still canned
Inside his brick condo which looked strange to him

For when gazing upon it's walls
One cannot help but notice all
The single bricks as if they might fall
But in went the Wolf and tore the piggie limb from limb

Laying out under the starry sky
The Wolf sighed, his hunger quite satisfied
The flesh of three piglets digesting inside
He his favorite piece of fabric, cylindrically sewn

So if you're a wolf here's my advice
Learn from this story which I have devised
And you will be pleasantly surprised
With a piglet-hunting Tube Top of your own

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