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Rule 364/1 : The Stamp of Confusion
The Stamp of Confusion is a transferable object. Initially it is owned by the Bank. The Stamp of Confusion has a purchase price of 70 points.

The owner of the Stamp of Confusion, but not the Bank, may use it during the nweekly voting to Stamp an eligible voter. That voters votes are determined randomly by the Administrator instead of by some other method. The stamped voter shall vote either for or against each ballot item, and there shall be a 50% chance of each. This use of the Stamp returns ownership of it to the Bank.

1. Rule 364/0 trivially amended by Motion 33/0, 20 Mar 2001 01:38:44

Rule 358/1 : Motion for Payment
If an agent owes points to another agent e is a debtor and the agent to which e owes points is eir creditor. Said pending point transfer is a debt. The debt shall exist until payment has been made by point transfer, satisfying the debt.

If the debtor does not transfer the specified number of points by the time specified at creation of the debt, or within two weeks of the debt creation by default, eir creditor may force payment with a Motion for Payment.

A Motion for Payment is a primary, approvable motion that is not subject to unanimous consent. A Motion for Payment should specify the debt that is overdue by amount, agents involved, and due date. If a Motion for Payment passes and the debt remains unpaid a motive order is issued for the transfer of points to satisfy that debt, to be performed as soon as possible.

1. Rule 358/0 trivially amended by Motion 32/0, 20 Mar 2001 01:38:44

Rule 316/1 : Objects
Objects are indivisible and may be possessed only in nonnegative quantities. Agents may own Objects. No entity may be both an Object and an Agent. Objects may not be created, destroyed, or otherwise altered, transferred, or adulterated except as allowed by the Rules.
1. Rule 316/0 trivially amended by Motion 29/0, 20 Mar 2001 00:13:50

Rule 322/1 : Salaries for Officers and Judges
The Offical Salary and the Judicial Salary are values associated with this game. They may be changed only as specified by the rules. Initially, the value of each is zero.

At the end of each nweek, the bank owes one Official Salary, in points, to each agent who holds one or more paid offices. An agent that holds multiple offices cannot recieve more that one Official Salary.

When a judge returns a judgement, the bank owes one Judicial Salary to em.

Once per nweek, with a post to the public forum, the Banker may set the values of the Official Salary and the Judicial Salary such that the value of each is neither less than zero nor greater than twenty.

1. Rule 322/0 trivially amended by Motion 28/0, 13 Mar 2001 19:45:12

Rule 227/7 : Quorum and Voting
Quorum is the minimum number of eligible Agents needed to cast votes on an issue during a single voting period in order for the results of voting to have effect.

Motions for which quorum is not met remain alive, but are not adopted. Elections for which quorum is not met are held again in the next nweek, and the term of the current Officer is extended by one nweek.

Motions for which quorum has been met become dead at the close of voting, regardless of their adoption.

7. Rule 227/6 trivially amended by Motion 27/0, 13 Mar 2001 19:33:01

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