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Round 2, Dave's turn


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#324 (Eric): "To be or not to be"

Within Three Rivers Nomic there exist entities. No Tri-nomic entity may affect the universe outside of a nomic. In general, entities are controlled by real people who exist outside the game, by other entities within the game, or by a random factor such as the roll of dice. Unless otherwise specified by the rules, an entity may not own or be owned by other entities, may not vote, and is controlled by real people outside of the game.

If any entity performs an action which is not in accordance with the rules as they currently exist (interpreted in accordance with currently accepted game custom) then that action has no effect on the game state.


#325 (Mary): "Tri-Nomic Association Banking Act"

Amendments which modify only section 5 of this rule shall not change this rules number.

1. Tri-Nomic Association Bank

There exists a non-player entity known as the Tri-Nomic Association Bank, hereafter referred to as the TNA Bank. The TNA Bank may possess all Tri-Nomic items and entities not expressly forbidden by the rules.

2. President of the TNA Bank

There exists the office President of the TNA Bank. The President of the TNA Bank is responsible for maintaining and publishing the current status of the TNA Bank and tracking the status of all Tri-Nomic items and entities not specifically covered by other rules and or offices.

3. Tri-Nomic Association Points

There exists the Tri-Nomic Association items known as Tri-Nomic Association Points. Tri-Nomic Association Points may be positive or negative, are referred to as "points" and are a non-transferable. When a Tri-Nomic entity capable of possessing points has both positive and negative points, the total lesser quantity combines with an equal quantity of the opposite type and that quantity of both are destroyed.

4. Tri-Nomic Monetary Units

There exists exactly 1,000,000 Tri-Nomic items known as Tri-Nomic Monetary Units. Tri-Nomic Monetary Units may be officially referred to as "Tri-Nomic Monetary Units," "TMU" or simply "MU." [[When this rule is enacted all Tri-Nomic Monetary Units are possessed by the TNA Bank, and the section enclosed in double brackets shall be deleted]]

Tri-Nomic Monetary Units are a transferable item and may be given by any Tri-Nomic entity possessing them to any other Tri-Nomic entity capable of possessing them. The transfer is instigated by the transferring party posting the amount and the recipient of the transaction to the official maillist. The transaction is complete when the President of the TNA Bank confirms the legality of the transfer and the availability of the Tri-Nomic Monetary Units by posting a confirmation message to the maillist.

Errant transfers due to illegality or lack of available funds which are confirmed by the President of the TNA Bank shall be reimbursed to the transferring party by the President of the TNA Bank from the following sources in the indicated order until the transfer has been completely reimbursed or there are no TMU available for the reimbursement in the following sources:

1. From the possessions of the recipient of the transaction.
2. From the possessions of the President of the TNA Bank.
3. From the possessions of the TNA Bank.

If the TNA Bank covers any part of the reimbursement of an errant transfer, the President of the TNA Bank is immediately removed from office.

5. Tri-Nomic Monetary Unit Disbursements and Fees

The President of the TNA Bank shall transfer from the TNA Bank and to Tri-Nomic entities, Tri-Nomic Monetary Units in the following amounts and under the following conditions:

1. At the end of each complete round, each player receives the quantity of TMU equal to the absolute value of their score from the TNA Bank.
2. At the end of any voting period the TNA Bank will transfer 1 TMU to each player voting "MU".


#326 (Carrie): "Renumeration"

Transmute Rule #108.


#327 (Dave): "Impossible Situations"

Amend Rule #213 to read:

If the rules are changed so that further play is impossible, then the last rule repealed shall be reenacted, the last amendment adopted shall be repealed, and the last rule adopted shall be repealed. If the legality of a move cannot be determined with finality, or if by the Judge's best reasoning, not overruled, a move appears equally legal and illegal, then the move shall be declared illegal.


#328 (Greg): "and then there were four...."

When a player has abstained thru inactivity through 4 consecutive instances consisting of "voting" or "actively proposing" without declaring vacation status, they shall be deleted from the roster at the conclusion of the current player's turn.

Last modified 16 July 1999

Created by Eric Wald