Three Rivers Nomic Association
Officer Rule Class (I-IV-I-I)

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316/0 "Tri-nomic Offices" (Mutable)

Tri-nomic Offices exist only as specified in the rules. When a Tri-nomic Office is vacant, eligible voters shall nominate players and vote on them in the order of nomination until an election is affirmative in the majority. The player being voted on shall hold the Tri-nomic Office until they resign or are removed by a majority of votes by eligible voters. Each player who holds one or more Tri-nomic Offices shall be known as a Public Officer. At the beginning of each turn, each Public Officer shall receive two TMUs in addition to those granted by other rules.


317/0 "As old as the hills" (Mutable)

There exists an Officer in Tri-Nomic known as the Archivist. The Archivist is responsible for maintaining a public record of actions and their results within the game of Tri-Nomic. These actions include, but are not limited to:
1. Voting activity
2. Player Status
3. Player attributes
4. All valid proposals that were proposed in any turn previous to the current turn.


323/0 "Ballots and information will be available at your local voting booth..." (Mutable)

There exists a Tri-nomic Office known as the Booth. When any vote is taken, the Booth is responsible for accepting votes and determining any effects of the votes.

The Booth must vote within three days of the start of the voting period. After this time, the Booth's vote may not be changed. The official vote of any other player is the last valid vote received before the end of the voting period, unless other rules declare the official vote of a player.

Votes by Players, including those of the Booth, must be sent by email directly to the Booth, or through any other method at the Booth's discretion. These votes may not be conditional. The Booth must maintain an automatic archive recording the time, date, and bodies of these emails. After the end of the voting period, requests to view this archive must be granted.

At the end of the voting period, the Booth must calculate all votes determined by the rules, and inform the official mailing list about all official votes and their effects.

This takes precedence over any other rule regulating when votes may be changed.

Last modified 7 July 1999

Created by Eric Wald