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    Bob Arturo2001/01/13Introduction of Steven+5
    Bob Arturo2001/01/16Rule 308 Passed+15
    Bob Arturo2001/02/16Rule 313 Passed+10
    Bob Arturo2001/03/20Payment of SK-1
    Bob Arturo2001/04/03Rule 318 Passed+9
    eventi2000/12/16Rule 301 Passed+10
    eventi2000/12/21Rule 305 passed+14
    eventi2000/12/28Introduction of Bob+5
    eventi2001/01/09Rule 307 Passed+15
    eventi2001/01/24Vote against 309+10
    eventi2001/02/09Rule 312 Passed+10
    eventi2001/03/20Payment of SK-1
    eventi2001/03/26Rule 317 Passed+12
    Fritz Hemker2001/02/05Rule 311 Passed+9
    Fritz Hemker2001/02/05Vote against 311+10
    Fritz Hemker2001/02/06Transfer 1001-0.5
    Fritz Hemker2001/03/03Vote against 314+10
    Fritz Hemker2001/03/12Rule 315 Passed+12
    Fritz Hemker2001/03/20Payment of SK-1
    Fritz Hemker2001/03/26Vote against 317+10
    Fritz Hemker2001/03/26Vote against 318+10
    pat2000/12/18Rule 304 passed+13
    pat2001/01/04Introduction of Fritz+5
    pat2001/01/04Rule 306 passed+15
    pat2001/01/24Vote against 309+10
    pat2001/01/31Proposal 310 did not pass-10
    pat2001/02/05Introduction of Paul+5
    pat2001/02/16Vote against 313+10
    pat2001/03/03Rule 314 passed+9
    pat2001/03/06Transfer 1002+3
    Pat2001/03/20Payment of SK+4
    Pat2001/03/20Vote against 318+10
    Paul Kirkland2001/02/06Transfer 1001+0.5
    Paul Kirkland2001/02/09Vote against 312+10
    Paul Kirkland2001/02/16Vote against 313+10
    Paul Kirkland2001/03/03Vote against 314+10
    Paul Kirkland2001/03/06Transfer 1002-3
    Paul Kirkland2001/03/12Vote against 315+10
    Paul Kirkland2001/03/20316 did not pass-10
    Paul Kirkland2001/03/20Payment of SK-1

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