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Begin Final Proposal 309 A new participant will gain the right to vote immediately upon sending an introduction affidavit, if all voting on final proposals is complete. If voting on a final proposal is not complete upon sending an introduction affidavit, a new participant's right to vote will be withheld until all voting on final proposals is complete. This new participant will enter the order of play upon casting his or her first vote. End Final Proposal 309
Created by sga5892@n... on 1/23/2001
Begin Proposal 308 Time Limit: There will be a time limit of 5 business days, excluding federal holidays*, to submit a proposal. If a proposal is not submitted within 5 business days after the last player has cast their vote on the previous proposal there will be a "1 point a day" penalty enforced. Penalty points will be deducted from the players total points and can go below 0. If a player fails to submit a proposal within 25 business days that player will be held in violation and can be removed if all other players are in agreement. *The list of Federal Holidays are as follows: New Years Day Presidents Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Veterans Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day End Proposal 308
Created by bobarturo on 1/16/2001
Proposal 311 1.) All Players shall have the right to transfer points from their own score to the score of another in whatever amount, for whatever reason. In no case may a player's score fall below zero using this method. 2.) All point transfers shall be stated publicly. All point transfers shall be numbered sequentially, beginning with 1001. Point transfer statements shall have the following form: "Subject: Point Transfer X I [name of player], of my own free will, do transfer N points to [name of recipient]." 3.) Point transfers may take place at any time. They are effective exactly 24 hours after their public statement. Players may explain the reasons behind their transfer of points but are not required to. 4.) Point transfers shall be deemed null and void if they do not follow the proscribed procedure. In the case of a dispute or an accusation of fraud the current Judge, as determined in rule 212, shall determine the legality of any transfer using all available evidence. If that Judge is one of the immediate parties to the current transfer (either giving or receiving points) he shall be relived of his duties in this matter and the previous Judge shall take responsibility, following the procedure fo
Created by f_hemker@h... on 2/2/2001
Who should be the new Scorekeeper? (RUNOFF)
Created by eventi on 2/13/2001
Please see email marked Final Proposal 313 for details. Will you all please vote for Proposal 313?
Created by bobarturo on 2/15/2001
Proposal 314 (See email for final form)
Created by pbernardo2001 on 3/2/2001
Do you approve Proposal 316 (The Good Point Rule?(see list for details)
Created by frednn2001 on 3/19/2001
Should Proposal 317 become a Rule?
Created by eventi on 3/23/2001
Proposal 310 Creation of Chief Magistrate. [See email for Final Form]
Created by pbernardo2001 on 1/29/2001
Should Proposal 312 become law? Full text in the list, and at tml#312
Created by eventi@n... on 2/8/2001
Who should be the Scorekeeper
Created by eventi@n... on 2/13/2001
Proposal 315 No player may propose the enactment of an additional mutable rule when the current number of mutable rules is equal to or greater than six (6) times the current number of players. End Proposal 315
Created by f_hemker@h... on 3/9/2001
Would you like Proposal 318 to become a law? See e-mail marked Proposal 318 Final for details.
Created by bobarturo on 4/3/2001