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    Proposal 302
    Proposed by eventi * failed

    A poll shall be created by the author of a new proposal, in order to facilitate the vote tabulating process

    Proposal 303
    Proposed by eventi * failed

    Enacted rules shall be posted to the list, with the subject consisting of the word "Rule", followed by the number of the rule.

    Proposal 310
    Proposed by Pat Bernardo * failed

    An office shall be created, called the Chief Magistrate, for the purpose of smiting people (handing out punishments). The Chief Magistrate shall have the responsibility to assess penalties up to the penalty of death (removal from the game), according to the law, for the general maintenance of good order within the regime.

    All smitings must be done publicly within 2 days of the offense(counting those days as official which have been specified by 308), except for offenses which carry the penalty of death, which shall have no time limitation. All punishments less than death are final, though they may be appealed by a call to judgment (which may alter the severity of the penalty or dismiss it altogether). All death penalty cases are immediately "appealed" in that they must be supported unanimously by the people at large.

    The office of Chief Magistrate shall be filled by election from the group at large. The Magistrate shall take power immediately upon election. Election for the Chief Magistrate position shall take place according to the accepted form of election.

    If for any reason the Chief Magistrate is unable to fulfill his duties for a short period of time, he may swear in a Deputy. The Deputy will have all the powers of the Magistrate, with the exception of the death penalty, until the Magistrate returns to power. Although the Deputy may not inflict the death penalty, cases may be referred to the Magistrate, which may be prosecuted upon the Magistrate's return.

    The term of the Chief Magistrate will be for good behavior. If at any time the people decide to remove the Magistrate, they may do so with a unanimous vote (excluding the vote of the Magistrate). In addition, an overturned death penalty shall result in the automatic removal of the Magistrate from office.

    The Magistrate shall receive one (1) point for each successful smiting (a smiting is still considered successful if the sentence is altered by judgment, but not if it has been dismissed), and ten (10) points for each successful death penalty administered.

    Proposal 312
    Proposed by eventi * passed


    The office of scorekeeper shall be created for the purpose of maintaining and reporting the official score of the game.

    The scorekeeper must record and make public any changes to a player's score within 2 business days of the event which causes the score change. Any disputes with the reported score must be announced within 5 business days of the report.

    The scorekeeping record shall consist of a detailed list of entries, each corresponding to a score adjustment. Each entry shall contain the date, the player's name, a brief description of the reason for the adjustment, and the positive or negative score adjustment.

    The scorekeeper is a public employee, and as such is hired and paid by the population. His salary is one point per turn, collected one point from each player after N turns, where N equals the number of players.

    The scorekeeper is selected from any applicants by the population. A poll shall be created with the names of prospective employees, and each player shall choose one. The applicant recieving the most votes becomes the scorekeeper at the start of the next turn. If the outcome is a tie, there shall be a runoff election, conducted in the same manner with only those applicants who recieved the most votes.

    The score maintained by the scorekeeper will be official and indisputable after the determined period. The scorekeeper may, at his discression, make adjustment records to remedy mistakes not caught before the dispute period.

    The scorekeeper is hired based on an infinately renewable contract. A vote of confidence can be called by any player at any time. If there has not been a vote of confidence for 10 turns, an automatic vote is called. If a majority of players believe that the scorekeeper should be replaced, a new one is chosen in the afformentioned manner. The previous scorekeeper is entitled to apply for the job, and remains scorekeeper until such time as a new scorekeeper is selected.

    Proposal 313
    Proposed by Bob Arturo * passed

    Voting on Proposals

    Voting will take place with the use of Polls. The player Proposing a rule will create and control a Poll with the following specifications:

    1. The Poll question will have the Proposal Number
    2. An email will be sent out to all the players detailing the Final Proposal
    3. The Poll will include a question accepting or opposing the Proposal
    4. All players must submit their vote
    • If the Poll is not hidden all votes are final. If you would like to change your vote there will be 2 points deducted from your total score for every vote change made.
    • If the Poll is hidden then the person submitting the proposal MUST vote for their proposal or there will be a 10-point penalty deducted from their score.
    • If a player fails to submit a vote within 25 business days** that player will be held in violation and can be removed if all other players are in agreement.

    ** Business Days are defined in Rule 308

    Proposal 314
    Proposed by Patrick Bernardo * passed

    This proposal will amend Rule 207 and take precedence over Rule 305.

    All players begin the game with, and under normal play shall retain, a voting right. Each voting right is worth one vote.

    Any player whose score becomes negative is hereby designated a "debtor." Debtors temporarily lose voting rights, for the duration of their debt. For each official day that a player is a debtor, his point total will increase by 1 point until such time as it reaches 0 again. At that point or if the debtor's score rises above 0 at any point and for any reason, the debtor shall be a full participant again, and shall regain his voting right; unless a new proposal has already been offered, in which case the debtor shall regain his voting right at the close of that proposal. Official days shall be determined by counting calendar days (i.e. not 24 hour periods), using those days which are currently official in Nomic. However, if a player's point total drops below zero after 5pm, the first day of debt will be the following calendar day.

    At the moment a player becomes a debtor, his voting right will be transferred to the community, at which point other players may bid to purchase it. An on-list auction will be created, with the voting right being transferred to the highest bidder. Debtors may not participate in the auctions. The highest bidder shall retain the purchased voting right until such time as the period of debt ends, when it will revert to the original owner.

    Proposal 315
    Proposed by Fritz Hemker * passed

    No player may propose the enactment of an additional mutable rule when the current number of mutable rules is equal to or greater than six (6) times the current number of players.

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