Welcome to the Our Nomic Library! This page contains documents relating to Our Nomic and its history. Here you'll find works by players as well as official documents created during play. Browse around and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions by Chuck Henry

This document attempts to answer some of the more common questions that are asked of the Speaker.

Our Nomic Primer by Devon Jacobs (PDF 143k)

Our esteemed Grand Silly Kniggit Devon Jacobs has prepared a fine document to serve as a primer for newbies joining our game. It's part explaination and part guide. Even if you are a seasoned veteran please read this fine document. It's in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) so it prints out ultra-cool!

Discussion List Archives

Our Nomic's primary communication system is via an Egroups mailing list. Egroups keeps an archive of all our messages broken down by send date as well as by subject.

Official Running Record by Chuck Henry (TXT 9k)

The Speaker's Office kept a running record of any changes made to the game state from March 2000 to December 2000. The link above is a compilation for the month of March through December 2000. The Running Record was discontinued in favor of the Discussion List Archives.

The Secrets of Office, Session 1 by Chuck Henry (TXT 148k)

This is just a dump of the Speaker's email directory. If you really want to know all the "secrets" you can read through all the incoming mail and see what was said to the Speaker in the course of the game. This is just like the message archives except it also contains any private communications between the players and the Speaker. Session 1 covers February 27th, 2000 through May 26th, 2000.

This information required under rule 320 "PUBLIC INFORMATION ACT" of the current ruleset.




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