Frequently Asked Questions for Our Nomic

This document is a brief FAQ listing some of the most common questions that I get from players.  If you have a question that should appear on this page please let me know! -Chuck

How do I join? What happens after that?

Joining Our Nomic is very easy! Just send a note to Chuck Henry ( and he'll do the rest. First, he will then ask you a couple of questions. Usually, he'll ask if you'd like a mentor and where you found us. Then, he'll add you to the Our Nomic Discussion list. This list exists to provide an easy forum for the distribution of official game information as well as discussion about the game. Third, Chuck will announce to the Our Nomic players that you have joined. If you asked for a mentor then he will ask for volunteers in the same mail as the announcement of your joining. If anyone volunteers then the mentor will contact you seperately. Next, Chuck will add you to the Gamestate. The Gamestate is the current status of the rules, players, points and other details. Once added to the Gamestate you are now an official Our Nomic player. You may start playing as a full player as soon as you are announced on the Discussion List.

How do I play?

Hmmm... that's bit complicated. I guess the best thing to do would be give you a list of the options you have.

How do I vote?

As a player of Our Nomic you have the responsiblity to vote on as many proposals as you can. To know when a proposal is up for vote, check your mail or check the webpages for cahnges. Periodically, you will recieve emails which contain the header "NOMIC UPDATE". These email detail any changes to the gamestate including new proposals up for vote. These emails will list the title of the proposal, the proponent, and the voting period. The voting period is period of time that a player may cast for or against that proposal.

The webpages at list the proposals "in the hopper". These are the new proposals. Read through them. If it sees like a reasonable proposal, vote yes! If it seems foolish or against whatever devious plans you may have vote no. However, the thing to remember is: If you vote against a proposal that passes, you gain 10 points! Otherwise, you gain nothing in terms of winning the game. Provides encouragement to vote carefully huh?

How do I propose a rule?

There are two routes to this goal:

Lobby It- Write up your wonderful new rule. Then find two other people to support it. To do this, send your rule to 2 people that you think would support it with a note asking them to support it. (No! You can't just post it to the Discussion list.) If they support it, they will reply to you with a note stating that. When you have 2 letters of support, then send your rule and the letters of support to the Speaker. The Speaker will then add the proposal to the gamestate.


Post It- Write up your wonderful new rule. Then post the rule to the Discussion list. You must state on the rule that it is a "Proposition for Debate". Now the players may comment on your rule. You don't have to take their suggestion but usually they are trying to help. Your rule while it is posted in this fashion is protected from being copied and submitted by another player... so don't worry about that. Your rule can stay up for discussion for up to 7 days. At anytime during that 7 days you may submit it the Speaker without having any supporter as above. If you choose not to submit it in those 7 days, no one (including you) will be able to submit or post a similar rule for the period of 7 days. So if you're going to submit it, do it in the first 7 days. In either case, the Speaker will assign it a number and a voting period. Now all you have to do is talk it up to get enough votes to have it pass or sit and pray for the best!

How do I quit the game?

Why would you want to? Well, if you really want to that's ok... not everybody has the time to play. Just let Chuck know and he'll remove you from the gamestate and the Discussion List.

What do you mean by a rule?

A rule is simply a new rule to the game. It can change or amend an old rule or be a new thing all by itself. Rules can be things which change the game play or have nothing to with it at all. You can create new objects or places within our imaginary country Nomicsylvania. Be creative! We like creative!

How do I play a subgame? What the heck is a subgame?

Let's start with the second question first! A subgame is another game created to amuse the players. The rules to the subgames are stated within a rule in our ruleset. These subgames typically affect the players that choose to particapte in some fashion wheter it be an increase in points or prestige. Now the first question, to play a subgame...well it depends... ask around or read the ruleset to find out!