Dan Marsh on 11 May 2002 13:15:21 -0000

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Re: [nbo] Web Update

>From: "Dickens, David" <David.Dickens@pepperdine.edu>
>4. Of course, I updated the RuleSet.  What do you think about when a rule
>gets amended.  Do you want the old version "below" for reference, or just
>the latest version?

If you keep the original ruleset around, then a rule could have a History 
section: "Original Law <link>1</link>.  Amended by Proposal 
<link>Dumbass.1</link>, January 34, 2010.  Given BLUE status by the 
Colorator on Mumtember -9, AD 34. ..."  Set up with links to the original 
proposals, the old versions should be reconstructable.

(See the Agora ruleset, set up this way but without links, for an example.)


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