Tom Ogas on 10 May 2002 21:26:49 -0000

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[nbo] Proposal Togas.2

The following is a proposed amendment to LAW ReElection (11)

Upon passage of this proposal the text of ReElection (11) will be replaced by:

1. After 30 days of service, or after a Judicial Ruling has found that the a
Nomic Official has not performing his or her duties in a timely and reasonable
mannor, any player may call for a ReElection by publishing a request for
ReElection of a specific Nomic Office

2. The ReElection cannot proceed unless another player "seconds" the request by
publishing his or her agrement to have a ReElection to the Nomic.

2.  All ReElections will be held following the rules set forth in NomicElections,
with the following explicit exceptions:
	A The player who last held the Nomic Office will be called the Incumbent. 
Unless the incumbent declares that he or she is not a candidate, he or she will
automatically be considered as a candidate.
	B If the ReElection ends with a tie between the incumbent and another 
candidate, the incumbent wins the election.



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