Dickens, David on 10 May 2002 21:18:52 -0000

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[nbo] Web Update

OK, I've done it. (there was great rejoicing)

I thought it would take more time, but I think I got everything. Major
updates all over the website (yeah, I contribute in my own way).  Here's the
deal.  I may be wrong in some of my stuffs, or you might just have some
ideas on how to improve it.  

Big changes are:

1. Nomic Player pages for every active player with Nomic-stats (let me know
if you want changes to your page, Tom, I accidentally whacked yours in the
process, but think I fixed it... mostly).  PLEASE... proof your points,
proposals, and rulings.

2. A listing of all Proposals legally made so far (I didn't include some
that sort of "bounced").

3. A listing of all Judicial Rulings (I debated about this: since
explanations are not really legal material, but I still think the notes are
useful, so I included them).

4. Of course, I updated the RuleSet.  What do you think about when a rule
gets amended.  Do you want the old version "below" for reference, or just
the latest version?

Please let me know about the accuracy and style (be kind).

Let's elect a secretary so I only have to keep the website up, not do all
the "figuring" myself.  Thanks. :-)

David Dickens
Network Services Manager
Pepperdine Law School

Make definite assertions. 
Avoid tame, colorless, hesitating, non-committal language. 
-- William Strunk, Jr. "The Elements of Style"

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