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[nbo] Proposal Marsh.3

Proposal Marsh.3:
Amend Section 6 of Law 4 (JudicialRulings) to read as follows:

(a) A player accepting a Nomination as Judge shall reply in not less than 
two, nor more than five, days, from his acceptance to publish a Ruling to 
all Players.
(d) A Judicial Ruling must include an answer of True, False, or Null and may 
include any other materials the Judge believes relevant to the Ruling but 
these shall not be considered legally material.

The idea here is to give us time for arguments for/against a particular 
ruling.  I'm not proposing to formalize roles for attorneys in the process; 
if necessary we can do that later.

Part of the reason that (a) and (d) are nonsequential is that later, 
perhaps, we will want to add a provision for a "hurry-up" ruling for trivial 
cases, and I wanted to leave room to sandwich them in.  (Needing to sandwich 
rules in between others is, unfortunately, one of the problems with 
numbering rules/laws.  I should know, but I don't: How do real-live drafters 
of amendments to laws handle the problem?)


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