Tom Ogas on 7 May 2002 20:01:46 -0000

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Re: [nbo] AMENDED Proposal Togas.1

I submit.  There is no dispute.  I agree that a player shouldn't be allowed to
change the proposed rule once submitted, I just wish I'd proofed my proposal
before cutting and pasting it in.  

There is no need to do a JR unless Mr. Dickens REALLY wants to (and he probably
does, because he gets points).

> I therefore call for a Judicial Review.  I ask David Dickens to judge the 
> veracity of the following statement:
> ---
> Once a player has published a proposal according to the rules, he may not 
> modify the proposal except as provided by law.
> ---
> I should say that my preferred method for handling a poorly-written proposal 
> (if such it be) is to vote AGAINST it.


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