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Re: The next Nomopoly (or Nomic something), cont...

by Le Roc at 18/10/05 1:10 AM

I've got a fair amount of free time... and am now quite a fair distance away. I was contemplating writing a generic card playing program (one which doesn't include any rules just has the ability to place cards down on a field and set them into various states, tapped, face down etc...) and was already wondering if I would be able handle a N:tg game by simply adding a design the card model type thing. I am writing in Java which would work a lot better for the whole instants thing then doing it through a website ever really could (save if you did an applet version...). At the moment the program is in the very first stages of development. I'm trying to write the data model for the game. Its time consuming because I'd like to be able to support a lot more then just Magic with it. At any rate I plan to continue working. If someone wants to lend a hand then I'm all for it. This would also greatly increase the chances that I ever manage to actually finish the thing... I've got a poor track record of starting projects like this that never make it very far.