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Re: The next Nomopoly (or Nomic something), cont...

by The Founder at 13/10/05 7:29 PM

Moderately experienced??? I'm the guy who reads the Comp. Rules looking for my next crazy combo (hooray for phasing, banding and provoke). :-P

I'm also a moderately experienced D&D player (and this time, moderately does apply).

I'd gladly run one of those types of games, but the update frequency would likely be considerably lower for more "difficult" updates then Jeff could manage, due to my university-related workload. I'd still be up for it, but if something happened that would take me out for a while (like, say, exams), I'd need to pause the game (or the players would have to suck it up and wait for me to catch up). If people are willing to put up with the slower pace (and some might actually prefer it), then I'm game (I'd have to work things out with Jeff of course before getting things going).