NickTitleFull NameStatusScoreInventoryHealthDescription
DonovanDonovan Cantuactive44(nothing)41Brooding Floridian web author, creator of the Mr. J! desktop image, lives with large birds and normal-sized people.
TerryTerry Gwazdoskyinactive0(nothing)41MINT technician trying to summon Cthulu by secretly shaping central Maine's cable network into a giant pentagram.
JasonRotting Slacking BastardJason Lavoieactive101(nothing)41He is good at making sangrias. Also director of engineering at MINT.
JmacWebmasterJ McIntoshactive32jar of peanut butter: 1
onion: 1
flashlight: 1
Chicken Sandwich: 1
41Programmer for MINT. Likes making Mosaic-compliant web pages.
AlisaAlisa Meggisoninactive10(nothing)41I-Forge's administrative director, and Yacko's own Hello Nurse!.
NoahNoah Meyerhansactive0(nothing)40Yet Another MINT hacker.
AndyAndy Turneractive51(nothing)3FMINT's senior programmer, working on translating his favorite anime into XML.
YackoYacko Warneractive48flashlight: 1
jar of peanut butter: 2
41Mysterious figure who lurks behind the alias of a cartoon dog-thing that wears pants.

It is currently Alisa's turn.