Buried Treasure and Riddle Archive

Treasure 104 (snowgod, October 31st, 1996):

Rently I began recieving anonymous mail. The notes were criptic but they often contained overt threats against my original (I palindrom I) forehead . "Give me A$1,000,0 or your forehead get's it!" they said.

Well, my initial reaction was to ignore the extortionist. After all, how can you harm a forehead? But then my cautious side kicked it... what if they know something i don't? What if they can harm my prized forehead? Just to be on the safe side, I decide to bury my forehead where no one will find it and it can't be harmed.

So I create a treasure map, but being absent minded I immediatly forget almost all of it. All of it except for the bit about how the forehead absolutly cannot be found as long as heretics can become enlightened. The forehead will remain safe until such time as there is no more enlightenment and, umm, I can't remember.

Treasure 121 (Red Barn, January 27th, 1997):

I am creating a trinket known henceforth as the Sceptre of Penguin Power, worth A$75, and burying it. The following might or might not have something to do with it:


This Treasure was mentioned in The Ack#9

Treasure 135 (Calvin N Hobbes, March 14th, 1997):

I'm burying this trinket [ Alien Shaking Ball], unused, as a treasure. The treasure map is as follows.


This Treasure has had some Clues and Guesses

This Treasure was mentioned in The Ack#9

Treasure 147 (Habeous Corpus, May 7th, 1997):

I am burying the Wouf Houng (along with an undisclosed second item) and creating a Treasure map showing their location. The entire map, in some form, will be made available publicly on May 16. Any and all Players or Observers of Ackanomic may recieve an advance copy of the map by PRIVATELY send me an accurate description of the Wouf Houng. NOTE: Anyone suffering from snowgod's disease who posts a description of the Wouf Houng to a public forum shall be deemed ineligible to recieve the Treasure, and shall be responsible for an early public release of the map. This will make the offender subject to sneering and public ridicule.

This Treasure has had some Clues and Guesses

This Treasure was mentioned in The Ack#9

Treasure 152 (Red Barn, June 2nd, 1997):

Nothing Tangible]
>>   The Red Barn Treasure will be found by the first player to publically
>> announce the (correct) ultimate answer to harf, the universe, and
>> everything.

The map is the same. Anyone who has a guess, please provide documentation: I don't believe the information is readily available at present. :)

Treasure 170 (two-star, June 24th, 1997):

I am burying the Silver Shovel.

The map to it reads:

The Silver Shovel shall be found by the first player who has signed the Silver Shovel Contract to find a treasure buried by a custodian or writer of this map.

Treasure 175 (Karma, July 9th, 1997):

I am burying the " Economy sized bottle of TOBASCULES SAUCE" and give these clues

{The second month of a Jason year, add thee year up but only one time and the sum of the primes is where it lies.}

(not part of clue)
If found and opened what's inside must be announced aloud.

In case there is gizz the clues are only what's written in these{}

Treasure 181 (/dev/joe, August 28th, 1997):

I am burying A GAMES T-Shirt as a treasure, with the following map:

When a player publicly posts the location of a GAMES Magazine Hidden Contest which has never been publicly posted before, and does so at least one week before the end (in New York City) of the day entries are due for that contest, e shall find this treasure. Players are asked to put SPOILER warnings in the subject of such messages so that others who haven't yet given up may keep searching.

(The 20th anniversary issue now on sale has a hidden contest, which I have not found yet, but if it is typical, I will find it before somebody posts it publicly.)

Treasure 193 (two-star, December 15th, 1997):

I am creating a trinket called two-star's soot-covered tome, worth 48 A$ with the following description, delimited by THESEUS:

It is a heavy folio written in a strange alphabet known to the ancients but lost to modern scholars, thus its contents are perfectly mysterious. (Although there is some evidence that at least one section of it pertains to the design of hedge mazes.) It is covered in soot and some of the pages are singed at the corners. There is a strange glyph on the cover, which looks something like:

* +-@-+
| | | |
+-+ * |
| |   |

although this crude ASCII representation can hardly do justice to the simple elegance of the golden lines embossed on what appears to be some sort of lizard skin. A sapphire gleams through a layer of carbon at the point denoted by the '@' above. A mirror image of this glyph across the main diagonal that crosses the sapphire adorns the back cover.

I am burying two-star's soot-covered tome along with 5 PF Antimatter, 2 PF two-star and a BP Chaos. (Hey, those PF Antimatter might be worth something if you can find them before the tornado.)

Legend has it that this book was one of a set, although no trace has been found of its companions, and it can only be assumed that they were destroyed in the fire that damaged it. If you can discover and publically post the glyphs on the covers of the other volumes in the set, you will find the soot covered tome. It does not matter whether you find the one on the front or back cover, only that you find one glyph for each volume. (It may help you to know that it is believed that there was a gemstone on each in the same position in the glyph.)

It is said that if you had but a fraction of the knowlege contained within the soot-covered tome, you could find the Curious Clock."

It is also said that finding it may help you find the Silver Shovel, but I hardly needed to tell you that!

Treasure 194 (Malenkai, January 10th, 1998):

I bury all of my remaining tradeable and gift entities, less A$250, as a treasure. The map will not go to the map custodian. Clues may come from the grave, though ... :)

  • A$1591
  • A bonus Vote [Non-entity by rule 500 when proposal 3917 passed]
  • 2 Swingpoints [Destroyed by proposal 3686]
  • 2 Automatic Sculptures [Destroyed by proposal 3915]
  • An Evil Balot Stuffer [Destroyed by proposal 3915]
  • A Cheese whiz [Destroyed by proposal 3915]
  • 2 Otzma cards Go Fish
  • 1 Otzma card map shard
  • 1 BWG laser [Destroyed by proposal 3915]
  • 2(3?) Prosthetic foreheads * * *
  • An amber banana [became a Pint of Lager by 3825]
  • A trade license [Non-entity by rule 500 when proposal 3917 passed]
  • The Amulet of Saaramaa
  • The Pumpkin Patch
  • The Pumpkin Patch Nomic

    Treasure 200 (Veal Fan, Feburary 20th, 1998):

    I am burying the Exquisite Dead Guy (yet again, because that what he does best)as a Treasure.

    I am revealing the following portion of the Map:

    The Exquisite Dead Guy shall be found by the last player to post a message containing the word "Hubert" to a public forum.

    Later that day, Veal Fan posted the following clarifier:

    The full legalese version of the Map is that "When there is only one player who has not posted the word 'Hubert' to a public forum since this treasure was buried, that player shall find the Exquisite Dead Guy."

    This Treasure has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 204 (Vynd, March 30th, 1998):

    I am creating a trinket named Discworld, valued at A$400, with the following CURRY delimited text:


    The Discworld is a flat world, unlike Acka but in some ways kindred to it. It rests on the backs of four elephants, which in turn stand on the back of Great A'Tuin, the star turtle. In this manner it travels throughout the cosmos. Experts say the chances of something so patently absurd actually existing are millions to one. Magicians have calculated that million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten.


    I am burying the Discworld, along with a Bonus Vote, as a treasure.

    Here is part of the map to this treasure:

    If three (or more) Literature proposals which quote the work of Terry Pratchett and are written by the same player are accepted, then that player finds the treasure. This is only true, however, if the quotes found in these proposals are in or appended to 3 (or more) seperate rules.

    Now that the Treasure is safely buried under my bed, I am going to the Library.

    This Treasure has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 208 and 208a (K 2, April 7th, 1998):

    Automatic Sculpture & T208 Destroyed by rule 1217 (7th December 1998)

    Second Prize is worth A$ 73, it looks identical to first prize, only more expensive.

    I am burying Second Prize and my Automatic Sculpture [This was destroyed by Proposal 3915], with the map (or something very much like it):

    The player who causes the most players to become ineligible for T200 (the Hubert treasure) shall find this treasure.

    A player is deemed 'responsible' for another player becoming ineligible when e has a message containing the word hubert quoted by an the eligible player in a public forum. A player may be responsible for their own disqualification if they say hubert as part of the unquoted text [includes Hubert wrote].

    One point is gained by each originator of the word hubert in the disqualifying message.

    K 2 is disqualified from finding this treasure.


    I' creating a _trinket_ called Second Prize is worth A$ 73, it looks identical to first prize, only more expensive.

    I'm burying Second prize right along side my automatic sculpture buried in T205. [harfer's note really means T208]

    Still Later:

    Everyone picks on me :)

    Second prize has a map which is sooooo identical to T205[harfer's note really means T208] that, as treasure harfer, I not even going to pretend that its a separate treasure :p

    This Treasure has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 211 (K 2, 4th May, 1998):

    I am creating a _Trinket_ called Established Riches worth $A 73: It is a framed picture. When it is owned by an organization it depicts that organization digging for treasure. At all other times it is life size picture of the Chartreuse Goose - Sneering.

    Woo, that hideous sneer... I can't stand it.... nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

    I am burying my Automatic Sculpture[This was destroyed by proposal 3915] and Established Riches as a Treasure.

    The first Organization to legally complete the following list:

    while having not more than half (rounded down) of the membership with proxied votes, shall find this treasure. Each of the actions must have been performed after this treasure was buried and as an organizational action.

    In case you were wondering - This treasure may _only_ be found by an organization. VSO's are prohibited from finding this treasure. If a church wishes to attempt to find the treasure, the actions must still be performed as though it were a political party of the same size... and before you say it - those organizations of which I am a member are also permitted to find the treasure.

    Treasure 212 (The Gingham Wearer, 12th May, 1998):

    I create a trinket value A$75 called "That Quick Brown Fox" with the description: "It is a model of a fox leaping over several lazy looking dogs."

    I then bury That Quick Brown Fox as a treasure.

    The map to this is something along the following lines:

    This treasure will be found when TGW says that it has been. It should be found with respect to the creation of a minimalist sequential pangram; that it is a sentence containing all the letters of the alphabet in order whilst being as short as possible.

    I haven't decided exactly when it will be found but if you find any decent ones then send them to me. All words used must be proper words and it must make grammatical sense, even if it is totally ridiculous. To give you a rough aim of what to go for, I'd say anything below 45 letters is a good start, but with a bit of fine tuning you should be able to go below 40.


    This Treasure was mentioned in The Ack#9

    Treasure 225 (K 2, 18th July, 1998):

    I bury Evil as a treasure.

    This Treasure has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 227 (The Church of Seleya, 3rd August, 1998):

    I suggest The Church of Seleya bury all its trinkets as a treasure, with the map "This treasure shall be found by whoever /dev/joe says, whenever he says it has been found." I approve of this suggestion. (JT and Brie Clump need to approve.)


    Treasure 239 (Weishaupt, 9th September , 1998):

    I bury as treasure the following: Principia Discordia (A$100), Never Whistle While You're Pissing (A$20), Atlantean Statue (A$300), Intiate of the modified Rose (A$150), and the Sacred Chao (A$200). I disclose no part of the map.

    This Treasure has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 240 (K 2, 13th September, 1998):

    I am burying two of my automatic sculptures [These were destroyed by propsal 3915] and a A$ 54 trinket which I will create now with the name "Eir Emerald Curry" and the following PLONK delimited text:[trinket creation failed :/]


    Yesterday a blue salami sat awry in the elder's vase under a folded yashmac. Research found that any player preferred it on an indigo village easel of oompah sounding xylophone musical dip.

    Will the eyebrow on the fine wooden chest raise in surprise? To the north a codex lies. 'twas written by rabietic octopi in rosebud. Unfortunately in that area your useless brain's meatloaf. I'd have been noetic with the holy shades but I wanted to be really fair to EEL.

    On topic, an exquisite dead replica of banna mounted onto the kissing stone of Odo's narthex is essential. As is a player of tav. Occasional fetticinii fed to the lion will be helpful. On your hajji, as usual, a blue coloured baldric from Yara will be required.

    Owing the Fon-due Set earnings (removed with terrific sacrifice from the heart of Kyle's place of ruination in zazzav) earns a semi-precious vase and some lime earwax for that fine wooden chest.

    Pseudosophistication will reinstitutionalise ennui in Phish's shrub egomaniac reporting industry. Nice? No! Tastelessly unimproved! Talking about ti won't cause the hoax to be destrawed.

    To the east and s.w. Aladdin's new unci deflate Elves' bicycle tyre [sic]. Translated this sentence is a taxi containing graffiti u'v never seen.

    A tsunami , for each silicon python called upon d'wax the golden straw dyke is due. Payment in onyx (green stone); you'll receive a minicab. Purchasing elbow room prevents Aggro, the vicious eggplant, from rubbing muesli on your chest.

    In the machine internomic got an idea. A clan from Fiji - Sarinan Ormolu - is force-fed ravioli. Hot antipasti; and that lion's still hungry.

    Doom, down on the cot in Agora's plot. A kid and her salami. Milo inter mug. Earliest youth esophagi; and a friggin' vase again.


    This Treasure has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 241 (Piz, 15th September, 1998):

    I bury a Treasure consisting of A$3 and the Great Tuba of Ackanomic. I disclose no part of the map at this time.


    The Great Tuba of Ackanomic was never buried

    Treasure 242 (two-star, 17th September, 1998):

    I am burying the strong shovel, the little Woden Ship #7 , the MR. Lunatic Fringe's Treasure Toga #6, a pair of dress pants, and the Round Tuit as a treasure.

    As has been revealed in the ACK, I made a mistake in creating the tromino go game that I used in obfuscating the map to the Curious Clock. This treasure will be found, therefore, by the player who privately emails me the board I *should* have used.

    It must have exactly 28 moves played according to the rules of Tromino Go with no passes. There may be only one possible first move that could occur in any such legal sequence that would create the finished board. Aside from that, I will use my subjective judgement to choose among responses. The number of moves after the first that are forced should be fairly large. Also, the completed board should be fairly compact, without too many tentacly bits sticking out if possible. You can send more than one submission. On November 1, I will choose the submission I like best, and the submitter will find this treasure.


    Treasure 243 (Studge, 18th September, 1998):

    I create a trinket out of A$ 75 named "I Bagged A Swinger" with the description "Awarded to the Chess Extraordinare who cleaned up the party board a bit."

    I bury this trinket as a treasure with the map: "This treasure will be found by the first Swinger who causes some Swinger to not have pieces on the board such that the GOP Swinger is able to, or (in case something causes this to be impossible) the first player the GOP says found it."

    This is the whole map (no tricks this time).


    Treasure 244 (rufus, 20th September, 1998):

    I bury all my tradable entities as treasure. Map forthcoming.




    Treasure 246 (Anathema, 30th September, 1998):

    I create a trinket worth A$1 called "Treasure is a way to give devj0e money" with the description "It looks a lot like it's buried... Oh wait, no, it looks like it's in the museum." I bury it and reveal the following, which has quite a bit to do with the map:


    On 08 Oct 1998 02:18:09 JT played a Map Shard.

    A Mean Hat revealed publically: "posts the word Hubert without explanation for three days in" for which e was/was not found to have snowgod's disease.

    Treasure 248 (K 2, 4th October, 1998):

    Yesterday I voted - and it didn't make a blind bit of difference; actually it saved me $50 - but otherwise - not a blind bit of difference. Anyway to commemorate the occasion I am burying the a trinket. It is worth A$50. Naturally I give it a name - Chaotic Time Soak. Since I have to, I also give it a description - a swirling, spiraling, gyrating, twisting, surging, curling, rotating, revolving pool of ever changing colour (no matter what the rules say, it includes black).

    With the trivial actions out of the way I bury the Chaotic Time Soak as a treasure and reveal the following:

    which (as you will immediately note) all have something in common.

    This Treasure has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 249 (Anathema, 5th October, 1998):

    Seeing as it's been about a week, I release the following Xazij publicly.

    Xazij #9 Cost: A$6
    Matching Spell Book and Shades of LILITH VELKOR

    Description: "She was known both for her uncanny ability to unify people and her seemingly negative talent of seperating even the closest of friends. Contrary to propaganda, she was a champion of order, and indeed it was she who developed the Illuminati-dominated number-and-letter ordering systems that we still use today."

    Xazij #14 Cost: A$10 Matched Set of Model Eye and Pyramid

    Description: "In Eris We Trust is written on the back of each Ackadollar... and there's that funny pyramid, with the writing so small you can just barely make it out"


    Then I bury them and reveal the following map fragment

    Th*s* X*z*j w*ll b* f**nd b* th* pl***r wh* f*nds m* tr**s*r* w*th th* s*cr*d ch** *n *t

    Treasure 250 (K 2, 6th October, 1998):

    I bury Eir Emerald Curry as a treasure. I reveal the following :

    T240 will be found by the player who finds this treasure.

    This Treasure has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 252 (The Green Ripper, 9th October, 1998):

    I create a trinket worth A$24 with the name "24" and description ".gnihtyrevE dna ,esrevinU eht ,efiL fo noitseuQ taerG eht ot rewsnA ehT" and bury it as a Treasure with the following map (or, at least, something very similar):


    This Treasure will be found by the twenty-fourth player to submit privately to The Green Ripper a correct solution to the problems below.

    Public submission of a solution or attempt thereat will disqualify a player from contention for this Treasure.

    Here are some sample solutions:

    Here is the problem:


    Since, although this is a rather easy treasure, I don't expect a huge majority of Ackans (e.g. 24) to get it, (and I'd rather have it be a crap shoot than a Hubert) I will allow individual players to submit the solution more than once, but I probably will disregard all after the third or fourth (depending on my whim) per player.

    I may, again as suits my fancy, possibly respond to public postings of similar four-digit strings with a solution. It shouldn't really be necessary, though, especially for you guys.

    It may look somewhat mathy, but don't be discouraged; the only math skills needed are basic arithmetic. I didn't even bother to encode it, that's how easy it is. It's something of a prelude, you might say.

    This Treasure has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 253 (JT, 11th October, 1998):

    I bury "A Rather Easy Treasure", "JT's Barrel of Monkeys", and "A mirror #1" as a treasure and release the following clue (which has some relation to the actual map) to it's whereabouts.


    Treasure 256 (A Mean Hat, 16th October, 1998):

    I create a trinket worth A$1 called "Not For You, Traub!" with description "JT thinks I'm a poor sport, but the way I look at it, I just want to give other treasure hunters a chance. I'm sorry I keep making you mad at me, JT. Maybe I'll just stop burying treasure."

    I bury it and release the following, which is the map, in completeness:

    "This treasure will be found by JT when e says so. E may only say so if 5 treasures I have buried have been found by a player other than em, and e feels that e was cheated out of them by my actions.

    On January 1st, 1999, this map automatically becomes the following text:

    'This treasure will be found by the fourth distinct player to privately (and not publicly) send me a message requesting it since this has been the format of the map.'"

    Treasure 257 (K 2, 16th October, 1998):

    I create a Trinket Called "Perpetual Trophy" worth A$77 described : A coloured shaped thing of indeterminate size made of stuff useful for performing actions. A team of entities keeps the engraved list of players, who have found it as part of a treasure, up to date.

    I create a contract called "on the dotted line", pay the SHF and supply the following text which constitutes the contracts content:

    " The holder of the Perpetual Trophy is bound by these restrictions:

    Transference of A$77 and the trinket named Perpetual Trophy if it exists and is owned by the entity who broke the contract (otherwise transference of A$154) to a randomly selected player who has signed on the dotted line other than the player who broke the contract. If the player who broke the contract does not own sufficient A$ to meet the penalty e shall instead be penalized a number of points equal to the number of A$ that would have been due.

    I am signing on the dotted line.

    I am burying the Perpetual Trophy and an automatic sculpture [This was destroyed by proposal 3915] as a treasure. The treasure hunt shall be conducted as follows :

    Treasure 259 (A Mean Hat., 19th October, 1998):

    I bury clocks that bicker in marble ships as a treasure.

    Here is the map:

    I will reveal quotes from three plays. When a player unambiguously posts (publicly) to my satisfaction the play that one of the quotes comes from, that quote will no longer be valid and the player who guessed it will become the Drama Critic and I will begin another quote. The Drama Critic may not guess on quotes. The first player to correctly get 3 quotes will find the treasure. An incorrect guess disqualifies you from guessing on that quote in the future ; three incorrect guesses disqualifies you from finding the treasure. Each incorrect guess will reveal another fragment of the quote.

    Some quotes will have certain restrictions. Some of the quotes might not be quite exact. I might star out names that look web-searchable. I might retract quotes that I realize are terribly misquoted. In general, I am not to be held accountable for any of my actions with regard to this treasure

    #1 "Knowing my body well, as I do," (AJ, Leather Artifact, Studge ineligible)
    #2 "You been up there along time" [sic]
    #3 "Excuse me, sirs, I pray, I can't yet speak"

    This Treasure has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 261 (A Mean Hat., 8th November, 1998):

    I bury It's not that bad, really, it's not (Value: A$3) with the following map:

    This treasure will be found by the first player other than Robert Sevin to have a Harf Score at least 5 points higher than that of A Mean Hat.

    Treasure 262 (Studge, 8th November, 1998):

    I bury The World Chessboard as treasure and reveal no part of the map.

    Treasure 265 (Wallace, 12th November, 1998):

    Finally, I am burying A$1 as a treasure with the following map.

    "This treasure will be found by the person who can convince Wallace the e has found the most retired or semi-retired players and caused them to re-join, either for the purpose or rebelling, or for the purpose of stopping a rebellion."

    Treasure 273 (Trent, 15th January, 1999):

    I give to Studge all items i can give to Studge.
    I bury all my remaining tradeable entities as a treasure, and reveal the following ****-delimited map fragment:

    FNORD-weishaupt 23 23 23 skidoo
    mama oh mama
    he came at me
    in the can
    french canadian bean soup
    reveal your mother, reveal your mother
    // i live in love for you, my squirrrelll [sic] ...
    goofbye and foodbye

    I leave Acka.

    [This Treasure contains Prosthetic Forehead #035]

    Treasure 274 (O Olde Alpha, 24th Feburary, 1999):

    I create a trinket worth A$200 with the quoted name "two turntables and a microphone" with the following BECK delimited description:

    The owner of this trinket is always where it's at. If it is not fed regularly, it may become surly, and your chartreuse goose cards are permitted to sneer.

    I bury two turntables and a microphone as treasure.

    I disclose the map in its entirety as delimited by HANSEN:

    This treasure will be found by the first player to publicly post a list consisting of ten numbered sections each containing three elements which is valid in the eyes of the writer of this map.

    To be valid, the list must correspond to the ten lyrics quoted below and the three elements to the name of the song, the performing artist, and the album on which the song appears.

    It is possible that the lyrics may correspond to more than one song, artist or album. In this case, it is the right of the map writer to reject or accept a submitted list.

    The quotes are as follows:

    1. . "I can see the truth in his statement. Smallpox blanket? No way."
    2. . "Look ma, watch me crash"...
    3. . I want to be a singer like Lou Reed
    4. . ...and I smoked a lot of heroin, and I passed out in manure.
    5. . I'm an aerostar. I'm a cutlass supreme.
    6. . I spat out Plath and Pinter
    7. . I knew you were under duress. I knew you under yer dress.
    8. . The future never happened.
    9. . Cufk, Tish, Sips.
    10. . We can dance like Iggy Pop.

    N.B. Any player who suggests They Might Be Giants or Spandau Ballet is a pig in a cage on antbiotics.

    O Olde Alpha

    This Treasure has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 275 (Laa Laa, 24th March, 1999):

    I create a trinket worth A$150 called "the orange statue" iwth the following description:

    "It is a large statue of a piece of fruit. But for some inexplicable reason it is green."

    I bury this trinket as a treasure which will be found by whoever publicly posts the next number in this sequence:


    As a small hint I will say that it is not a mathematical sequence.

    This Treasure has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 276 (K 2, 7th June, 1999):

    1. ) Any player of Ackanomic may alter The Proposal.
    2. ) No more than one turn per player per week (7 day units starting now :-).
    3. ) A turn consists of the addition of a single (and preferably sort sentence) to the proposal and rearrangement of it sentence order, if desired.
    4. ) A player may submit the proposal after their turn provided that they have contributed at least two sentences.
    5. ) The proposal may be submitted any number of times provided it can get around the 'substantially similar' rule wrt to any other proposals in the q.
    6. ) The 'winner' is the player responsible for the legal submission of the Proposal in the form that is either accepted or declared harfy.
    7. ) The trophy shall be a "Doctorate of Philosophy in Proposal Origami" which is a trinket worth A$100. Having the text of The Proposal in its final form as a description. I create this trinket now and bury it as a treasure.
    8. ) Changes to the above by consensus :-)

    This Treasure has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 277 (Emperor Ai! Pedrito!, 9th June, 1999):

    I bury Weishaupt's Suit Pants, Anathema's Vest, A Mean Hat.'s Starched Shirt, the words on the wind's Dress Shoes, Pol Pot's Black Socks, I set my Rebelliousness to ON's Belt, Rock of Gibraltar's Knit Boxer Briefs, Trent's Cravat, T. T. Ren's Bowler Hat, and Organization's Watch and Glasses (Total Value A$50) as a treasure. (as an Organizational action). I reveal the following clue to its map:

    There are nineteen clues to the map to this treasure. You need not have all nineteen to find the treasure. One clue alone will probably be fairly useless. Each clue corresponds to one of the following puzzles or tasks. If you complete one of the puzzles or tasks, tell me that you want the clue and I will give it to you. I will give any given person no more than one clue per day. Also, teaming up is discouraged because the treasure is so small, and fairly easy. Following are the puzzles/tasks:

    NOTE: Some of the puzzles are old chestnuts. Do not be disappointed if they fail to challenge.

    1. ) Pass a Grandiose Proposal
    2. ) There may be none in 3, but there's 4 in 5, 9 in 6, and 1 in 8 Pick any number higher than 10 that has some. How many does it have?
    3. ) Win a Sub-Game with 5 or more players
    4. ) Give me a message of 20 or more letters that makes grammatical sense in English and is also a simple substitution cipher for something that spells words in English. No letters may represent themselves. (No fair using computer programs or the internet)
    5. ) Found an Institution
    6. ) 20-7 39-8-92 98-60-68-16-73-60?
    7. ) Mentor a Newbie
    8. ) What is the solution to the final puzzle in Dennis Shasha's book The Puzzling Adventures of Dr. Ecco?
    9. ) Win Two Duels
    11. ) Grab a Donkey
    12. ) Answer the limerick earlier in this post. I have a particular answer in mind.
    13. ) Use an Otzma Card Go Fish
    14. ) Write a Thesis that fails
    15. ) Receive a Blue Cross, Silver Stripe, Gold Stripe, or Ruby Slipper
    16. ) Go to Gaol for a Crime
    17. ) Find a Treasure
    18. ) A man is pushing a car. He pushes it a long ways, pauses for a moment in front of a fancy hotel, wipes his brow in relief, and pushes the car on and around the corner. What is going on?
    19. ) Win an Election

    Treasure 278 (Emperor Ai! Pedrito!, 21th July, 1999):

    I create a trinket worth A$11 called The Lost Xazij of P4028, with the following description:

    17) Mordecai Malignatus' Words of Wisdom (A$4): Passed down from generation to generation, the Words of Wisdom seem mere drivel to the unilluminated. The true adept, however, realizes that there is a truth behind every lie and a lie behind every truth.

    18) The Second Book of the Law of Fives (A$4): The book is a thin pamphlet with a holographic picture of a camel on the front. Inscribed on the first page is the mysterious phrase, `Five is the number, in twos, in threes, and especially in fives'

    19) It's not that bad, really, it's not (A$3): It *looks* ugly. In fact, it looks *really* ugly. However, It's not that bad, really it's not is easier to understand than most of the other Xazij.

    I will give whoever owns this trinket the clues that were associated with these destroyed trinkets.

    I bury it as a treasure and reveal the following:

    ..Ackanomic Rules are in peril. Failure 45 of split bids with that trust...

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