Clues, Riddles, and Guesses for Treasure 240 & 250

Treasure 240 & 250
Contains: Eir Emerald Curry worth A$ 54.

This Treasure was actually destroyed by P3915 but the clue is relevant for T250, since I did my usual Stuff-Up-The-Trinket-Creation-And-Bury-It-As-A-Second-Treasure-Trick :-)

The trinket name is a clue - although a very indirect one which will prolly be of no use until you've practically found the treasure. Comparing the trinket name with player names may help, thought it will prolly leave you Mixed up and Confused.

The delimiters in proposals authored by me in the roughly in the range 3959-3696 should help - they were supposed to be a rough howto on decoding the main clue.

Some random facts which may be of help:

When a trinket is harfed by the trinket harfer it is assigned a number - a list of the first 256 of these are at:

Every so often in the main clue a trinket is referenced, in fact in each group of n words there is one trinket reference....

There were a few typo's in the main clue. The "clue" (term used very loosely :-) published in /dev/joe's Ack was intended to provide an erratum as well as some help. Picking out the Erratum should be fairly easy but extracting the help (in the final paragraph) is somewhat harder - I was experimenting with cryptic crossword clues at the time and got carried way (ie Were words like jumbled indicate an anagram and Gold refers to the number of years in that type of wedding anniversary). Since word position within each paragraph is important I decided to provided the erratum in this way to make that fact slightly less obvious.

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