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McNomic - Period 1.1

McNomic Ruleset - current as of 1-20-00 @ 1:00 am Eastern (US) Cycle 1

I. What is McNomic?

A. Introduction [Stone]

McNomic is a game about itself. Starting from a base ruleset, participants engage in a process of refining and enhancing those rules, evolving them. These rules do not currently specify any manner in which this game can be won.

B. McNomic Access Points

1. The McNomic Forum [Stone]

The McNomic Forum (or, simply "the Forum") is the "McNomic" Topic of the Live Games Forum message board on Delphi. The Live Games Forum can be reached via

The Forum is used for official notices regarding ongoing McNomic activity, including announcements, questions, answers, and discussion concerning how the game is played, and what is going on in it.

Official postingss may be required by rule to appear in the Forum, and any other McNomic-related postings are encouraged here as well.

2. The McNomic Website [Paper]

A simple website will be maintained providing links to web-based pages which contain any Official Documents required by rule.

The current address of this Website is:

C. Language [Stone]

Any and all usages of gender specific words such and "he", "she", "his", "hers", etc, will be understood to apply to all genders and the usage of either is freely permitted within McNomic.

D. Time [Stone]

When time itself is a relevent issue, current Eastern (US) Time will be used, regardless of its Daylight Savings status. Whatever time it is in Washington D.C. is what time it is in McNomic.

E. Players [Stone]

All participants of McNomic are called "Players".

1. Active Players Roster [Stone]

The following is a list of current players. It will be modified without comment when each new player is activated and thier name is added to it.

Player Name Karma Delphi Name Preferred EMail ----------- ----- ----------- --------------- Mac 0 DSMcKenna Sed 0 Sed100 Id 0 AHuberman Cav 0 Cavalier99 Puzz 0 PuzzledMom Frank 0 Frodo_30 Kevan 0 Mornington Kont 0 Kontrarie Blue 0 StripedRat Dave Brigden 0 DBrigden Malaprop 0 Malaprop VickiLyn 0 Lynn70

2. Player Activation [Stone]

People wishing to become Players must send an EMail to the Moderator. The Subject Line of the EMail must say "McNomic: Join Request" The body of the EMail must contain the player Name, the Delphi User Name, and the preferred EMail address. Upon Approval of the Moderator, the person will be activated as a Player, and the Moderator will post a message in the Forum informing other players of the addition.

3. Player Deactivation [Paper]

Players wishing to leave the game must send an EMail to the Moderator with a Subject Line of "McNomic: Deactivation". The Moderator will Deactivate the Player, announcing this change in the Forum.

4. Big Brother

a. Getting a Big Brother [Paper]

New players may petition for a Big Brother (or Sister). A Big Brother or Sister is another Player, approved by the Moderator, who can review proposals before they are submitted for clarity and content (usually, via EMail).

To request a Big Brother, an EMail must be sent to the Moderator with the subject line of "McNomic: Big Brother Request", and the Moderator will assign the requesting Player to the Big Brother with the smallest caseload.

The list of currently approved Big Brothers or Sisters which follows will be updated without comment upon the addition or deletion of a new Big Brother or Sister:

Mac Kevan

b. Thanks for the help! [Paper]

A Player may break off thier relationship with their assigned Big Brother by notifying both the moderator and the Big Brother via EMail with the subject line "McNomic: Thank's Big Brother".

c. Being a Big Brother [Paper]

Players who are comfortable with the Nomic concept may apply to the Moderator via EMail, subject line "McNomic: Big Brother Application", and upon approval, their names will be added to the list.

d. Leaving the Brotherhood [Paper]

Players who become inactive will also cease to be Big Brothers. Big Brothers wishing to continue playing but who no longer wish to be Big Brothers must submit notice via EMail to the Moderator with the Subject: "McNomic: Big Brother Resignation". The Moderator will remove them from the list and redistribute their caseload.

II. The Ruleset

A. Definition and Jurisdiction [Wooden]

This document will henceforth be refered to as "The RuleSet". The presiding version of the Ruleset at any point in time is that which is clearly marked as "most current" directly on, or via a link from the McNomic Website specified in Rule I.B.2..

B. Application [Paper]

Where Rules are in conflict, Stone Rules take precedence over Wooden and Paper Rules, and Wooden Rules take precedence over Paper Rules. If two Rules of the same material conflict, and neither states its own precedence, the more specific takes precedence. If neither is more specific, the one nearest the top of the Ruleset takes precedence. Any remaining conflicts will be decided upon by the Moderator.

C. Modification [Paper]

The Ruleset specifies the conditions under which it may be changed, and under NO OTHER CONDITIONS may it be changed.

D. Custodianship

1. Responsibility [Wooden]

The Moderator is the Custodian of the Ruleset. When it is modified, the Moderator will either repost The Ruleset in its entirety, or post a narrative explaining what changes should be made to The Ruleset, or edit the most recent posting of the current Ruleset to reflect the changes (for spelling changes or numbering mistakes, for example). If an edit is made to the most recent posting, the Moderator will post a message to that effect, notifying the other players.

2. Backup [Paper]

In the event the Moderator is unable to fulfill the duties listed in section B, a replacement will be assigned to make such changes. The Moderator will have final say in who is posting any changes, and only as deemed by the Moderator will a replacement be made in the case of an emergency.

E. Paper, Wood and Stone [Paper]

Each Rule in the Ruleset is considered to be either printed on Paper, carved into Wood or engraved in Stone - this status is given after the name of the Rule, in square brackets (eg. "A. Introduction [Stone]").

Whenever a new Rule is enacted, it enacts as a Paper Rule.

At the end of each Cycle, the Moderator should select a rule at random; if it is a Paper Rule, it becomes a Wooden Rule. If it is a Wooden Rule, it becomes a Stone Rule. (If it is a Stone Rule, nothing happens.)

III. Titles

A. Definition [Paper]

Players may have one or more Titles, which carry with them certain Obligations.

1. The Moderator [Wooden]

One Player is named the Moderator. The current Moderator of this McNomic is:

Player Name: Mac Delphi Username: DSMCKENNA Preferred EMail:

a. Responsibilities [Paper] i. Keep Time- Establish the beginning and ending dates of each Period and Cycle, posting notices in the McNomic Forum ii. Current Events- Maintain the McNomic Website iii. New/Leaving Player processing iv. Custodian of the Ruleset A. Maintain the "Current Ruleset" web page. B. Update the Ruleset for New/Leaving Players, misspellings, awkward wording, or more sensible ordering or layout of the rules. C. Apply the results of legislated changes to the Ruleset. v. Overseer of the Vote A. Receives all formal proposals via EMail, and creates (and posts) the ballot for the current Cycle's voting. B. Receives and Tallies the votes, posting both the votes and the results of the voting in the forum and/or at links reachable from the McNomic Website. vi. Final interpreter If a conflict arises in the interpretation of the rules, decides the outcome of the conflict. vii. Must be an active Player.

b. Communication [paper]

All McNomic-related EMail communication with the Modertor must have a subject line beginning with "McNomic:".

IV. The Nomic Cycle

A. Definition [Wooden]

Time within the Nomic game will begin at 0.0 and be measured by its position within the Nomic cycle. The number to the left of the decimal point designates which Nomic Cycle is in progress, and the number to its right will designate the current Period. The Cycle is divided into 4 Periods, the duration of each period is set by the Moderator upon its initiation. The Periods are defined as follows:

1. Reactions and Informal Proposals [Wooden]

This is intended as a recovery period - when players may react to the most recently passed or unpassed laws in a conversational manner. Possible intial Proposals may be floated informally during this period to be discussed openly. Floating of initial Proposals is VOLUNTARY, and does not constitute Official Proposal Submission.

2. Final Proposals [Wooden]

Final Proposals must be sent to the Moderator by EMail with the subject line "McNomic: Cycle x Proposals" where "x" is the number of the current cycle. Each proposal must have:

a. cute little title b. specific description of how The Ruleset will be modified if the proposal passes

In addition, each final proposal may include comments, enclosed in "(**" and "**)" which are not intended for inclusion into the Ruleset, and clarify the Proposer's intentions beyond the language of their proposal

3. Voting

a. The Ballot [Wooden]

At the end of the Final Proposals period, the Moderator will post each Final proposal in its entirety, assigning a number to it's title. The Moderator reserves the right to clean up the language of any given proposal for grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Each Proposal will be identified by a Cycle number and a Proposal number. The Moderator will establish an end of the voting period upon its inception.

b. The Vote [Wooden]

To cast ballot, an Email must be sent to the Moderator. The subject line must be "McNomic: Cycle x Votes", x being the number of the current cycle. For each proposal, votes of FOR, UNDECIDED or AGAINST should be listed in the body of the EMail, along with the numbers of the Proposals they correspond to. A vote must be cast for each Proposal in the Cycle for the ballot to be considered valid. Players may vote ONCE during each Cycle.

Example voting ballot, sent via EMail to the Moderator, assuming 4 proposals.

Subject: McNomic: Cycle 0 Votes 0.1 FOR 0.2 AGAINST 0.3 AGAINST 0.4 FOR

4. Ruleset Impact [Wooden]

Proposals recieving more FOR votes than AGAINST votes will pass. Proposals that do NOT receive more FOR votes than AGAINST votes will fail. In other words, in case of a tie, the proposal fails.

After the end of the designated voting period, the Moderator will:

a. Post the election results b. Revise and Post the resulting ruleset, c. establish the beginning of the next Nomic Cycle and the ending date of the next Nomic Period.

V. Karma

A. The Millikarm [Paper]

Karma, in the scope of McNomic, is measured in Millikarms. Each Player has a number of Milli- karms, being a positive or negative integer number.

If a Player's Karma is zero or more, that Player is considered "Good". If below zero, that Player is deemed "Evil".

When a new Player joins the game, he or she starts with a Karma of zero.

B. Tilting the Balance [Paper]

For each FOR vote made on a proposal that PASSES, the voting Player shall receive one Millikarm.

For each FOR vote made on a proposal that DOES NOT PASS, the voting Player shall be decremented one Millikarm.

For each AGAINST vote made on a proposal that DOES NOT PASS, the voting Player shall receive one Millikarm.

For each AGAINST vote made on a proposal that PASSES, the voting Player shall be decremented one Millikarm.

For each Proposal that a Player submits that PASSES, that Player shall receive one Millikarm for each FOR vote.

For each Proposal that a Player submits that DOES NOT PASS, that Player shall be decremented one Millikarm for each AGAINST vote.