Following is the ballot for McNomic Cycle 0.

I will begin accepting votes immediately, but do not feel a need to get your votes in fast - I will be accepting votes until the end of this Saturday.

The rules don't prohibit us from openly discussing these proposals, including how we intend to vote upon them.

So feel free to give it some thought or discussion before you vote.

--------------------------------------------------- Proposal 0.1: Mac is the Monarch Submitted by: Id

Ruleset Section I.E.2. will be replaced in its entirety with:

Mac is the Moderator for this Nomic:

Player Name: Mac Delphi Username: DSMCKENNA Preferred EMail:

All Official EMail communication with the Moderator, as well as any unofficial communication which pertains to McNomic must have a Subject Line that starts with "McNomic:".

All conflicts which may arise regarding the the interpretation of the Ruleset will be resolved by the Moderator.

Mac may not be replaced as Moderator except by his own proposal. If Mac is unable to perform the functions of Moderator due to extenuating, real-life circumstances, this Nomic ends completely as housed in Delphi's Live Games Community.

(** You might take complete exception to this, Mac, but you are our leader. Without your custodianship, I don't want to play the game, and I'm fairly certain many others here agree with me, hence this proposal. **)


Proposal 0.2: Karma Karma Karma Karma Submitted by: Kevan (** Something of a frivolous "scoring" system - Players gain "Karma" for voting in favour of other people's Proposals, and for other people voting in favour of their own. We lose Karma for voting against, and being voted against. **) Add a new Section entitled "Karma", with rules as follows:-

A. The Millikarm

Karma, in the scope of McNomic, is measured in Millikarms. Each Player has a number of Milli- karms, being a positive or negative integer number.

If a Player's Karma is zero or more, that Player is considered "Good". If below zero, that Player is deemed "Evil".

When a new Player joins the game, he or she starts with a Karma of zero.

B. Tilting the Balance

For each FOR vote made, both the Player who made it and the maker of the Proposal that received it have their Karma increased by one Millikarm.

For each AGAINST vote made, both the Player who made it and the maker of the Proposal that received it have their Karma decreased by one Millikarm.

Upon this Proposal passing, each Player shall be assigned a Millikarm level of zero.

------------------------------- Proposal 0.3: Fence-Sitting Submitted by: Kevan

In Rule III.A.3.b (The Vote), replace "For each proposal, votes of FOR or AGAINST should be in the body of the EMail, by Proposal number." with "For each proposal, votes of FOR, UNDECIDED or AGAINST should be listed in the body of the EMail, along with the numbers of the Proposals they correspond to."

(** I think we should probably be allowed to abstain on Proposals we're not sure about. Proposals still depend on the balance of FORs and AGAINSTs - if a Player votes "UNDECIDED", his or her vote is simply ignored.

Note that you won't be able to vote "UNDECIDED" to any of *this* Cycle's Proposals, because - even if this Proposal passes - it won't affect the Ruleset until after everyone's voted. Since Rule III.A.3.b states that an incomplete Ballot is invalid, anyone voting "UNDECIDED" to anything at this point will have all their votes ignored. **)

--------------------------------------------------- Proposal 0.4: Pedant's Uprising Submitted by: Kevan

In Rule III.A.4 (Ruleset Impact), remove the paragraph "When the revised Ruleset is posted, it becomes the effective Ruleset for the game; it has jurisdiction of all future game activities until the end of the next Nomic Cycle."

(** This is in danger of contradicting Rule II.A ("The only version of The Ruleset which has jurisdiction is the one which is posted in the forum with the most current date and time."), if we ever end up with two Rulesets being posted in a single week, perhaps as a result of some oversight in the compilation of the first, or something that happened to amend the Ruleset mid-week.

Since Rule II.A clearly tells us which the latest Ruleset is, anyway, there's no real need for it to be said again in III.A.4. **)

-------------------------------------------------- Proposal 0.5: I'm Not The Guru Submitted by: Kevan

(** This is just something that plays around with the voting procedure, giving a double-vote to the Player who's best at guessing how everyone else will vote (or simply happens to get it right without trying). This Player is known as "the Guru", and the title will get passed around as play progresses. **)

Add a new Section entitled "Titles", containing the following Rule, entitled "The Guru":-

At any given time, one McNomic Player may be considered "the Guru". When Votes are being counted, each of the Guru's Votes counts as being two separate Votes, both identical to whatever his or her Vote was.

If, at the end of any given Cycle, a single Player voted FOR all Proposals which passed and voted AGAINST all that failed, that Player is obviously extremely wise and prescient - he or she immediately becomes the Guru, taking over the role from the previous incumbent.

Upon the passing of this Proposal, the Moderator shall be made Guru.

(** Initially giving the Guru post to our esteemed Moderator, rather than chucking it out randomly as I did in the first draft of this Proposal. **)

--------------------------------------------------- Proposal 0.6: Paper, Wood and Stone Submitted by: Kevan

(** I've ditched the "Queue for the Revolution" thing - compared to the other ideas floating around, it didn't seem very interesting as a theme (and was a bit similar to Karma, anyway). Instead, the introduction of three different Rule types...**)

Enact a new Rule in Section II, entitled "Paper, Wood and Stone", with the following indented text:-

Each Rule in the Ruleset is considered to be either printed on Paper, carved into Wood or engraved in Stone - this status is given after the name of the Rule, in square brackets (eg. "A. Introduction [Stone]").

Whenever a new Rule is enacted, it enacts as a Paper Rule.

At the end of each Cycle, the Moderator should select a rule at random; if it is a Paper Rule, it becomes a Wooden Rule. If it is a Wooden Rule, it becomes a Stone Rule. (If it is a Stone Rule, nothing happens.)

(** That last bit serving to make Proposals sturdier over time; the longer they've been around, the more important they're likely to be.

I'll leave it at that for now, anyway, for fear of putting too much forward at once - it's never a good idea to put *too* much stuff in a single Proposal, because it increases the chance of including a sentence which someone will object to and vote against the whole proposal for.

Still, I imagine that making Stone Rules harder to alter (maybe such Proposals should require a unanimous vote, or may only be made by Players with high Karma) would be the next step. But we'll see if anyone actually finds this idea interesting or not.)

In Rule II.A (Definition), replace:-

"Any conflict arising between Rules within the Ruleset will be settled by applying first those Rules closest to the top of this document, unless the Rule specifically state its own precidence."


"Where Rules are in conflict, Stone Rules take precedence over Wooden and Paper Rules, and Wooden Rules take precedence over Paper Rules. If two Rules of the same material conflict, and neither states its own precedence, the more specific takes precedence. If neither is more specific, the one nearest the top of the Ruleset takes precedence."

And upon the passing of this Proposal:

* Rules I.A, I.B, I.C, I.D and I.E.1 shall be made Stone. * Rules which have been enacted already this Cycle (including the Rule enacted by this Proposal) shall be made Paper. * All other Rules shall be made Wooden.

----------------------------------------------------- Proposal 0.7: Tilting the Balance (revised) Submitted by: Malaprop

If any Rule entitled 'Tilting the Balance' exists, replace it with the following text...

For each FOR vote made on a proposal that PASSES, the voting Player shall receive one Millikarm.

For each FOR vote made on a proposal that DOES NOT PASS, the voting Player shall be decremented one Millikarm.

For each AGAINST vote made on a proposal that DOES NOT PASS, the voting Player shall receive one Millikarm.

For each AGAINST vote made on a proposal that PASSES, the voting Player shall be decremented one Millikarm.

For each Proposal that a Player submits that PASSES, that Player shall receive one Millikarm for each FOR vote.

For each Proposal that a Player submits that DOES NOT PASS, that Player shall be decremented one Millikarm for each AGAINST vote.

---------------------------------------------------- Proposal 0.8: UN-McNomic Submitted by: Malaprop

Insert, after rule III, renumbering as needed, the following rule:


Each Player currently in the game, and all new Players added will be considered henceforth a serf in the service of the McNomic game.

Players will be awarded freedom upon the acheivement of 100 Millikarma.

Upon acheivement of 500 Millikarma, Players will be awarded Country status.

--------------------------------------------- Proposal 0.9: Enquiring minds ... Submitted by: Malaprop

This is to reword the I.E.3 ruleset ("Player Activiation") paragraph to read as follows:

People wishing to become Players must send an EMail to the Moderator. The Subject Line of the EMail must say "McNomic: Join Request". The body of the EMail must contain the following:

1. Player Name 2. Delphi User Name 3. Preferred EMail address 4. Short bio (e.g. what you do for a living, current major in school, etc.) 5. City and/or State, plus country you are McNomicing from 6. Brief description of why you wish to join the ranks of Players.

Upon Approval of the Moderator, the person will be activated as a Player, and the Moderator will post a message in the Forum informing other players of the addition and publicizing relevant biographical information.

---------------------------------------------------- Proposal 0.10: Access this Submitted by: Mac

(** This rule intends to establish the McNomic webisite, and while cleaning up some the desciption of the Ruleset to reflect this, I've hopefully tidied up some other things about it as well. **)

Replace all of Rule I.B with the following:

B. McNomic Access Points

1. The McNomic Forum

The McNomic Forum (or, simply "the Forum") is the "McNomic" Topic of the Live Games Forum message board on Delphi. The Live Games Forum can be reached via

The Forum is used for official notices regarding ongoing McNomic activity, including announcements, questions, answers, and discussion concerning how the game is played, and what is going on in it.

Official postingss may be required by rule to appear in the Forum, and any other McNomic-related postings are encouraged here as well.

2. The McNomic Website

A simple website will be maintained providing links to web-based pages which contain any Official Documents required by rule.

The current address of this Website is:

Replace Rule II.A. as follows:

II. The Ruleset

A. Definition and Jurisdiction

This document will henceforth be refered to as "The RuleSet". The presiding version of the Ruleset at any point in time is that which is clearly marked as "most current" directly on, or via a link from the McNomic Website specified in Rule I.B.2..

B. Application

Any conflict arising between Rules within the Ruleset will be settled by applying first those Rules closest to the top of this document, unless the Rule specifically states its own precidence.

If a proposal named "Paper, Wood and Stone" should pass during this cycle, the Moderator will apply the intent of its revisions to this the language contained herein, and this sentence will then vanish. (** I'm adding this as I am making up the ballot because I foresee a potential conflict between the two languages. Basically, I'm just saying I will make a good faith effort to do what "Paper" wants to do, but do it to the rules that result from this Proposal. **)

C. Modification

The Ruleset specifies the conditions under which it may be changed, and under NO OTHER CONDITIONS may it be changed.

(** Something of a nod to Kevan's warning here - the rules may only be changed in a manner that they themselves specify. **)

------------------------------------------------------ Proposal 0.11: An Officer and/or a Gentleman Submitted by: Mac

(** This proposal creates the "officers" concept in the notion of "Titles". It restructures the Ruleset slightly to accomodate this change. **)

Revise rule I.E as follows:

E. Players

All participants of McNomic are called "Players".

1. Active Players Roster

The following is a list of current players. It will be modified without comment when each new player is activated and thier name is added to it.

Player Name Delphi Name Preferred EMail ----------- ----------- --------------- Mac DSMcKenna Sed Sed100 Id AHuberman Cav Cavalier99 Puzz PuzzledMom Frank Frodo_30 Kevan Mornington Char MsChar Kont Kontrarie Ellen Hobo99 Blue StripedRat Dave Brigden DBrigden Malaprop Malaprop VickiLyn Lynn70

2. Player Activation

People wishing to become Players must send an EMail to the Moderator. The Subject Line of the EMail must say "McNomic: Join Request" The body of the EMail must contain the player Name, the Delphi User Name, and the preferred EMail address. Upon Approval of the Moderator, the person will be activated as a Player, and the Moderator will post a message in the Forum informing other players of the addition.

3. Player Deactivation

Players wishing to leave the game must send an EMail to the Moderator with a Subject Line of "McNomic: Deactivation". The Moderator will Deactivate the Player, announcing this change in the Forum.

(** As stated, there was no way to leave the Active Players Roster! In the future, a way to remove Active Players who haven't behaved in an active fashion might also be needed. **)

Renumbering as needed, insert after Rule II the following:

III. Titles

A. Definition

Players my have one or more Title, which carry with them certain Obligations.

1. The Moderator

One Player is named the Moderator. The current Moderator of this McNomic is:

Player Name: Mac Delphi Username: DSMCKENNA Preferred EMail:

a. Responsibilities i. Keep Time- Establish the beginning and ending dates of each Period and Cycle, posting notices in the McNomic Forum ii. Current Events- Maintain the McNomic Website iii. New/Leaving Player processing iv. Custodian of the Ruleset A. Maintain the "Current Ruleset" web page. B. Update the Ruleset for New/Leaving Players, misspellings, awkward wording, or more sensible ordering or layout of the rules. C. Apply the results of legislated changes to the Ruleset. v. Overseer of the Vote A. Receives all formal proposals via EMail, and creates (and posts) the ballot for the current Cycle's voting. B. Receives and Tallies the votes, posting both the votes and the results of the voting in the forum (or, at links reachable from the McNomic Website, should a Proposal named "Access this" pass, after which, this parenthatical phrase will vanish.) vi. Final interpreter If a conflict arises in the interpretation of the rules, decides the outcome of the conflict. vii. Must be an active Player.

b. Communication

All McNomic-related EMail communication with the Modertor must have a subject line beginning with "McNomic:".

Remove the last paragraph of Rule III.

Should any proposals in this Cycle of voting pass who's intent is to modify rules modified by this proposal, the Moderator will make a good faith effort to apply those modifications to the language herein.

------------- Proposal 0:12: Big Brother Submitted by: Mac

Insert Rule I.E.4 (or higher) as follows:

I.E.4. Big Brother

a. Getting a Big Brother

New players may petition for a Big Brother (or Sister). A Big Brother or Sister is another Player, approved by the Moderator, who can review proposals before they are submitted for clarity and content (usually, via EMail).

To request a Big Brother, an EMail must be sent to the Moderator with the subject line of "McNomic: Big Brother Request", and the Moderator will assign the requesting Player to the Big Brother with the smallest caseload.

The list of currently approved Big Brothers or Sisters which follows will be updated without comment upon the addition or deletion of a new Big Brother or Sister:


b. Thanks for the help!

A Player may break off thier relationship with their assigned Big Brother by notifying both the moderator and the Big Brother via EMail with the subject line "McNomic: Thank's Big Brother".

c. Being a Big Brother

Players who are comfortable with the Nomic concept may apply to the Moderator via EMail, subject line "McNomic: Big Brother Application", and upon approval, their names will be added to the list. (** Kevan - I didn't want to draft you...**)

d. Leaving the Brotherhood

Players who become inactive will also cease to be Big Brothers. Big Brothers wishing to continue playing but who no longer wish to be Big Brothers must submit notice via EMail to the Moderator with the Subject: "McNomic: Big Brother Resignation". The Moderator will remove them from the list and redistribute their caseload.

------------------------------------------------ Proposal 0.13: Backup Submitted by: Kont

Add sub to "II.B. Custodianship" as follows:

II.B.1 In the event the Moderator is unable to fulfill the duties listed in section B, a replacement will be assigned to make such changes. The Moderator will have final say in who is posting any changes, and only as deemed by the Moderator will a replacement be made in the case of an emergency.

(**This is a "just in case" type of clause, where if something unforeseen might happen and Mac can't post**)

-------------------------------------------------- Proposal 0.14: Do you hear what I here? Submitted by: Blue

All proposals shall contain, anywhere in the title or body, one homonym. Proposals that do not contain a homonym are not suitable for vote, and no action can be taken on the proposal until it is suitably edited and resubmitted.