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Pokey 2: Current Rules

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About Current Rules

These are the current rules for playing Pokey 2, listed in the order of adoption. The numbers and titles are not part of the rules. They are added  for ease of reference.

Current Rules

Admitting Players

A new player will be admitted by two-thirds majority vote.

Terms Of Debate

The order of agenda for debating proposals is the order in which they are proposed. Only the first proposal on the agenda may be debated. The proponent may withdraw a proposal from the agenda at any time.
Debate of a proposal must end when the proponent withdraws it from the agenda.
Debate of a proposal must end when a majority votes to table the proposal. Tabling a proposal pushes it back to the end of the agenda so that the next proposal may be debated.
Debate of a proposal must end when the proponent calls for a vote on on the proposal itself. If a two-thirds majority votes to adopt the proposal, it becomes a rule. After the vote, the proposal is removed from the agenda.
Rules agreed to under these terms of debate do not take effect immediately. Rather, when all players agree that the new rules are capable of enough flexibility and stability to continue the game using them alone, these terms of debate are immediately stricken from the game and all the new rules take effect. Any player may call for a vote for such a transition at any time.
When a player leaves the game all that player's proposals are implicitly withdrawn.


A vote ends one week after it is begun, if it hasn't ended before that time.

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