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Pokey 2: New Rules

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About New Rules

These are the new rules for playing Pokey 2, listed in the order of adoption. The numbers are not a part of the rules. They are added for ease of reference.

New Rules

No player action shall be made mandatory by any rule. Automatic consequences of the rules are not player actions.
PURPOSE: To promote a simple, fair, standard and scalable voting process which rewards players for participation.
All votes shall be conducted by secret ballot. Each eligible voter may cast only one ballot. Normally, each player is an eligible voter and each ballot consists of one vote favoring or opposing the motion.
Ballots shall be counted after all eligible voters have been allowed a reasonable amount of time to cast a ballot. The number of votes required to adopt a motion is based on the number of votes cast. Normally, the required number of votes is a simple majority.
The rules may redefine for any type of motion the eligible voters, number of votes in a ballot, and number of votes required to adopt the motion.
This rule does not establish any type of motion.
At the moment that this rule takes effect, all rules including this rule shall be stricken and replaced by the following rules:
  1. PROPOSING AN AMENDMENT. Anyone may propose to amend the rules by posting the text of the proposed amendment to the address <>. Each proposal shall be numbered when received. The first proposal received shall be numbered 6, and each successive proposal shall receive the next successive ordinal number.
  2. ADOPTING A PROPOSAL. A proposal is adopted if and only if more valid votes are cast for it than against it. If adopted, the amendment shall be appended to the rules with its proposal number.
  3. VOTING. Anyone may cast a vote once and only once on a proposal by posting a message to a voting address. The address to vote for a proposal is <>, where the proposal number is substituted for N; similarly, the address to vote against a proposal is <>. The voting period begins when the rule is posted and ends three days after the last valid vote is received.
  4. FORUM. Anyone may monitor proposals, votes, and vote results by joining a mailing list. The address to join is <>. The address to leave is <>. All proposals, votes, and vote results shall be distributed to the mailing list when received. Anyone may send other game related messages to the mailing list. The address to send messages is <>.
  5. SNAFU. If the automatic mail processor fails to interpret any posted message consistently with the rules then in effect, that message is completely void and without effect.

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