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Pokey 2: Order Of Business

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About the Order of Business

This document establishes the order of business. As a rule, the procedure used to establish the order of business is the following. As each new item of business is received, it is classed as a proposal (to change the new rules) and appended to the order of business, or classed as a motion (any other item of business) and placed ahead of the first proposal in the list. Thus, the current item of business is generally: the oldest motion, if any; otherwise, the oldest proposal.

This document does not include the content of an item of business. The content is found in a companion document, titled Items of Business. Links to the content of each item are provided.

The current rules only establish the order in which to consider proposals to change the new rules. By contrast, this document establishes the order in which to consider all types of business (including, but not limited to, proposals to change the new rules). Therefore, this order of business is only partially established by law, and players are not required to honor it. However, it has turned out to be beneficial. It has eliminated a significant amount of unprofitable discussion (revolving around the order in which to consider items of business other than proposals). All players are encouraged to honor the order of business.

Order of Business

  1. Item 33. Proposal by Allan Poindexter.

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