New Rishonnomic Treasurer's Report

Last Update: 2/1/99 by email from Andrew
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Cumulative Event Log

The information in this section is to be cumulative across treasurer's reports; each person's entry has events in reverse-chronological order. This only goes back to the report ratified by P474, because that's as far back as the data I had went when I started doing this. Seeing as it's right after a discontinuity, that's a logical place to start in the absence of complete data anyway.
It's conceivably rude to reformat another officer's report, hope you don't mind, Andrew.

Andrew: |166|

Benj: |0|

Dan: |108|

Frank: |128|

Kolja: |105|

Michal: |138|

Thad: |124|

Treasury of Koljiana: |23|

New Rishonnomic Bank: |19278|

  • Feb 1 - +|163| for taxation - |19278|
  • Had |19915|.
  • Had |18890|. (End.)
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